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 01.26.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Lecture on Challenger
 01.29.96 - Note to Editor: Black History Month Vistor Center Schedule
 02.07.96 - Note to Editor: Congressman Stokes to Speak at Scout Ceremony
 02.21.96 - NASA Lewis Research Center Microgravity Experiments are Prime Customer of STS-75 Shuttle Mission
When the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-75) is launched on February 22, 1996, the Lewis Research Center will be its prime customer.
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 02.29.96 - Note to Editor: Lewis and Cuyahoga Community College Host SEMAA Graduation Day
 02.29.06 - NASA Selects GE Aircraft Engines for Technology Development
NASA Lewis Research Center has awarded a $61.8 million five-year contract to General Electric (GE) Aircraft Engines, of Cincinnati, OH, to develop critical technologies for the next generation of U.S.
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 03.05.96 - Note to Editor: Photo Opportunity of STS-73 Crew Review of USML-2 Results
 03.06.96 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis Supports East Tech Science Fair
 03.11.96 - Note to Editor: Quarterly Programming for Visitor Center
 03.15.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Career Women Working at NASA Research Center
 03.19.96 - Note to Editor: 1997 Budget Released Today by Goldin
 03.21.96 - NASA Lewis and East Tech US FIRST Competition
 03.25.96 - Note to Editor: "Robo-Gladiator" Takes a Trial Run at NASA Lewis
 04.01.96 - News In Brief 1st Quarter 96
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 04.08.96 - Note to Editor: Classroom of Excellence
 04.10.96 - NASA Lewis Technology Enables U.S. Health Care Expertise to be Shared with the Medical Community in South America
State-of-the-art technology provided by the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) Project Office at NASA Lewis Research Center (LeRC) will enable a live, interactive tele- cast of medical procedures at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC, to medical professionals in Bogota, Colombia, on April 11, 1996.
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 04.15.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Lecture "Wise Buys"
 04.16.96 - Note to Editor: Lewis Employee "Ellis" Careerist
 04.19.96 - Note to Editor: SDBS Contract Competition
 04.18.96 - Note to Editor: US FIRST Video by Satellite
 04.25.96 - Note to Editor: US FIRST Follow-Up
 04.25.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Programs May 5 and May 10
 04.26.96 - Note to Editor: KSU/NASA Symposium May 4, 1996
 05.06.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Program on Rocket Propulsion
 05.10.96 - Note to Editor: Nupoor Dance Company at Visitor Center
 05.17.96 - Astronaut Shannon Lucid to Conduct NASA Lewis Experiments on MIR
NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid will conduct an array of U.S. and Russian experiments, including four NASA Lewis - developed combustion and fluid physics experiments, on board the Russian Space Station Mir beginning May 24.
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 05.20.96 - Upcoming Shuttle Mission to have four NASA Lewis Microgravity Experiments on Board
On Sunday, May 19, 1996, the space shuttle Endeavour STS-77 will launch with four Lewis experiments on board.
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 05.24.96 - Mobile Aeronautics Education Laboratory Delivers NASA Technology to Schools
Students, teachers and others across the U.S. soon will have the unique opportunity to explore how computer technology can be used as a tool to enhance the study of science and mathematics through learning experiences related to NASA.
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 05.29.96 - NASA Lewis Research Center Managed MIR Cooperative Solar Array is Deployed
On May 25 cosmonauts on board the Russian Space Station Mir deployed a NASA Lewis Research Center managed U.S./Russian solar array that will increase the space station's power capability, extend its lifetime and support Mir-based U.S. experiments.
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 05.29.96 - NASA Selects Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for Technology Development Contract
NASA Lewis Research Center has awarded a $27 million five-year contract to United Technologies Corporation, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft of East Hartford, CT, to develop critical propulsion and engine noise reduction technologies for the next generation of U.S. subsonic commercial engines.
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 05.30.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Lecture: Tunnel Vision: The Research Tunnels at Lewis
 06.07.96 - Note to Editor: Microgravity Fluid Physics Conference
 06.21.96 - Note to Editor: Lewis Amateur Radio Club
 06.28.96 - Note to Editor: Space Week July 16-23
 06.28.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center July, August, September Schedule
 07.02.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Sunday 7/14 Schedule
 07.02.96 - Note to Editor: Bio-Soc Oil Clean up Product
 07.16.96 - Note to Editor: LIFT Technology at Brook Park Research Center
 07.19.96 - Lewis Incubator for Technology (LIFT) to Foster Economic Growth in Northeast Ohio
A unique facility that will give entrepreneurs, new-start companies and early stage companies the opportunity to access NASA Lewis Research Center's world-class expertise was opened today.
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 07.25.96 - Note to Editor: Lewis Employees Receive Highest Medals at Honor Ceremony
 07.26.96 - Note to Editor: SEMAA Picnic
 08.01.96 - Note to Editor: Media Advance Photo Oportunity Weightlessness
 08.06.96 - Note to Editor: CM-1 Launches on Shuttle March 1997
 08.07.96 - Note to Editor: Media Invited to Attend Briefing on Mars Discussion
 08.12.96 - NASA Lewis Research Center to Host a Business & Industry Summit
Accessing NASA Lewis' advanced technologies will be made easier when we open our gates to area companies who are interested in staying on the cutting edge of technology and exploring new product opportunities.
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 08.14.96 - Note to Editor: Hackers, Crackers and Sniffers - Security
 08.03.96 - NASA Initiates New General Aviation Propulsion Program
NASA has announced a partnership with the FAA and the U.S. aviation industry for a new program that will address the critical need to improve affordability and performance of U.S. light general aviation aircraft propulsion systems.
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 08.29.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center National Hispanic Heritage Month 9-15/10-15
 08.29.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Closed 8/19 for NASA Lewis Business & Industry Summit
 09.05.96 - Note to Editor: Media Invited to LIFT at Brook Park
 09.17.96 - Note to Editor: October-November-December Weekend Programming
 09.12.96 - Note to Editor: Media Advisory for LBIS
 09.30.96 - NASA Awards Two General Aviation Propulsion Cooperative Agreements Contract
NASA's Lewis Research Center has awarded two cooperative agreements in support of the Agency's General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) program.
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 10.07.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Celebrates Hispanic Month October 13
 10.15.96 - Note to Editor: Press Briefing on 1996 Mars Missions
 10.18.96 - Note to Editor: Disability Awareness Month
 10.23.96 - Note to Editor: Shannon Lucid Live Press Conference
 11.06.96 - Note to Editor: Fourth Annual Young Astronauts Day
 11.08.96 - Note to Editor: Chemistry Week Event
 11.08.96 - Note to Editor: X-33 Program Status
 11.09.96 - Note to Editor: National Native American Heritage Month
 11.09.96 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center November Schedule
 11.12.96 - NASA Lewis Technology Will Enhance Economic Growth in Youngstown Area
NASA Lewis Research Center, the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center (GLITeC) and the Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI) entered into an Interagency Agreement to engage in mutually beneficial cooperative activities that will encourage development and implementation of new technologies to develop new companies.
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 11.20.96 - NASA Lewis Research Center Experiments Will Land on Mars in 1997
While Clevelanders enjoy July 4th festivities next year, three NASA Lewis Research Center-designed and built experiments will celebrate American independence in historic fashion.
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 11.26.96 - NASA Mission to Saturn Offers Cleveland Public School Students a Feeling of Immortality
Students in the Cleveland Public School system will experience a kind of immortality when their signatures travel into space with the Cassini spacecraft in October 1997.
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 01.02.97 - News In Brief 4th Quarter 1996
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