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Press Release 96-44

Lori J. Rachul
NASA Lewis Research Center


CLEVELAND, OH -- Accessing NASA Lewis' advanced technologies will be made easier when we open our gates to area companies who are interested in staying on the cutting edge of technology and exploring new product opportunities.

NASA Lewis' first Business and Industry Summit will be held Thursday, September 19, 1996. The day-long event begins at 7:30 a.m. and will feature exhibits, workshops and facility tours geared toward large and small companies that want to improve their manufacturing techniques, solve engineering and design problems, and uncover potential new product lines based on new technologies.

"This Summit will showcase the various technologies that NASA Lewis has to offer, while emphasizing our commitment to technology transfer. In addition, this Summit will demonstrate that NASA Lewis is a vital resource to our nation," said Donald J. Campbell, NASA Lewis Center Director.

During the Summit, attendees will be able to experience more than 120 exhibits staffed by NASA Lewis experts. Key NASA Lewis specialty technology areas will be showcased including: combustion and fluids; instrumentation and control systems; materials and structures; power generation and management; turbomachinery; and communications and computing. In addition, attendees will learn how to access the resources available at NASA Lewis.

"Through this Summit we not only want to showcase NASA Lewis' best minds, technologies, capabilities and research facilities to our customers throughout the State of Ohio and the nation, but establish partnerships using both informal relationships and formal agreements," said Ann Heyward, chief of the Commercial Technology Office.

The Summit is a result of the collaborative efforts of civic groups, technical associations and businesses from around the State including: the Technology Leadership Council of Cleveland Tomorrow; the Greater Cleveland Growth Association; the Governor's Office of Economic Development; the Greater Cleveland Minority Technology Council; Enterprise Development, Inc.; the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center; the Ohio Aerospace Institute; General Electric Aircraft Engines; the Cleveland Aerospace Professional Representatives Association (CAPRA); the Edison Polymer Innovation Corporation; The Edison Biotechnology Center; Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program (CAMP); The Cleveland Engineering Society; the Ohio Department of Development; and B.F. Goodrich. These organizations also will provide guidance and support to NASA Lewis from the customer's perspective.

Further details regarding the Lewis Business and Industry Summit are available on the World Wide Web:

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