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Press Release 96-38

Sally V. Harrington
NASA Lewis Research Center
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CLEVELAND, OH -- A unique facility that will give entrepreneurs, new-start companies and early stage companies the opportunity to access NASA Lewis Research Center's world-class expertise was opened today. The Lewis Incubator for Technology (LIFT) will enable companies to gain comprehensive business, financial and marketing assistance in a state-of-the-art environment as they strive to commercialize NASA-developed technologies.

"NASA has an obligation to maximize the return on the American taxpayer's investment in the space program. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the transfer of NASA's technology to business," said NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin. "An incubator, like the one being initiated at NASA Lewis, is an effective way to generate new businesses and explore innovative concepts. LIFT will build on the proven strengths and capabilities of several entities in the Cleveland region and State of Ohio to create a world-class environment for entrepreneurship with a modest investment of public funds."

This NASA Lewis-based program is the result of a partnership with Enterprise Development, Inc. (EDI), the State of Ohio Department of Development (ODoD), BP America, Inc. and the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center (GLITeC).

"This is an exceptional public and private sector partnership that will provide an outstanding environment for the creation of new products, jobs, and opportunities for economic growth in Northeast Ohio," commented Donald J. Campbell, Director of NASA Lewis Research Center.

LIFT will be managed by EDI per a Cooperative Agreement with NASA Lewis. LIFT will draw together Lewis' knowledge and technology with EDI's expertise as a facilitator of technology transfer and business growth.

Funding was provided by NASA Lewis and the State of Ohio Department of Development (ODoD). ODoD develops and implements the strategic economic development plan for the State of Ohio. By drawing on proven successful organizations and individuals, LIFT will bring NASA and ODoD the greatest value for their investment at the lowest possible risk.

"Technology initiatives create jobs and revenue that are essential to Ohio's thriving economy," Governor Voinovich said. "I look forward to monitoring the progress of the NASA Lewis Incubator for Technology as it guides valuable technology initiatives from the research and development stage to the marketplace."

In addition to financial support for this project, Lewis brings to LIFT a large technology base. Lewis has been an important technology resource in northern Ohio for many years, and its scientists and engineers continually generate cuttingedge research and technology. LIFT will stimulate and facilitate transfer and commercialization of Lewis technologies.

LIFT will be located in 31,000 square feet of space at the BP America, Inc. Research and Development Facility in Warrensville Heights, OH. The LIFT tenants will have access to the outstanding amenities located at the 300-acre campus including analytical laboratories, a reference library, video conferencing capabilities and much more that will enable them to grow and develop.

NASA Lewis' Commercial Technology Office (CTO) is responsible for directing the efforts to extend the benefits of its technology to the commercial sector. CTO and the Lewis research organizations will work with The Great Lakes Industrial Technology Center (GLITeC), one of six NASA Regional Technology Transfer Centers, to identify and evaluate NASA technologies with high commercial potential.

A major key to the success of LIFT is the cooperative relationship established by the partnering organizations. Each organization is dedicated to the goal of economic development by leveraging their unique and complementary strengths. The performance record and commitment of the organizations involved in this project underscore the likelihood of LIFT's success. The result will be improved processes, the introduction of new products, new jobs and economic growth.

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