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 01.12.95 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Lecture Series
 01.30.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis New Fuel Cell Development
 02.09.95 - Note to Editor: Leon Bibb to Speak at Eagle Scout Recognition Ceremony
 02.04.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Engineers to Spark Students During National Engineering Week.
 02.22.95 - NASA Lewis Research Center sponsors East Tech students for "Robo-Gladiator" competition at Epcot Center in Florida
Lewis employees have been working with 17 students from East Technical High School preparing for the highly competitive U.S. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) contest.
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 02.22.95 - Note to Editor: Robo-Gladiator Trial Run
 02.22.95 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Sunday Programs
 03.06.95 - Ohio Economy boosted by NASA's presence
Approximately $405.8 million was added to Ohio's economy by NASA's Lewis Research Center in Fiscal Year 1994 (FY94) in the form of new contracts, grants to colleges and universities, utilities, and salaries and benefits paid to its employees.
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 03.09.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Awards Multi-Million Dollar Contract to Analex
 03.10.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis Research Center Supports East Tech Science Fair
 03.14.95 - Note to Editor: April, May, June Visitor Center Programs
 03.14.95 - Note to Editor: Sunday Programs at Visitor Center
 02.22.95 - Lewis Successfully Tests First Complete Solar Dynamic Space Power System
NASA Lewis Research Center's Solar Dynamic Ground Test Demonstration Project concluded the first successful test of a complete solar dynamic power system that may one day have applications in space stations, communications and Earth- observing satellites, and electric propulsion.
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 03.28.95 - Note to Editor: East Tech/U.S. First at Epcot
 04.18.95 - Note to Editor: HBCU Conference at OAI
 04.19.95 - Note to Editor: ISDC Conference Held May 18-21, 1995
 04.28.95 - Note to Editor: Lecture Series at Visitor Center on Sunday Afternoons
 05.02.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Awards Multi-Million Contract to Allied Signal
 05.11.95 - Note to Editor: Press Briefing for STS-70 all Ohio Shuttle
 05.20.95 - Note to Editor: Digital Audio Radio Press Briefing
 05.16.95 - Note to Editor: GOES-J Weather Satellite Launch
 05.16.95 - NASA Lewis Research Center Engineers Responsible for Launch Management of GOES-J Weather Satellite
More than 20 engineers from NASA's Lewis Research Center will be on hand at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla., to oversee the launch of the GOES-J weather satellite aboard the AC-77 Atlas I rocket.
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 05.17.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Zero Base Review Press Briefing
 05.23.95 - Note to Editor: Ohio Astronaut to Appear at Ceder Point
 05.24.95 - Note to Editor: Photo Opportunity for DC-9 Aircraft
 05.31.95 - Mars Pathfinder Landing Gear System Tested at NASA Lewis' Plum Brook Station
NASA Lewis Research Center's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, is hosting tests of the airbag landing gear system that will provide the Mars Pathfinder with a soft, upright landing when it encounters the rugged terrain of Mars in 1997.
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 05.31.95 - NASA Lewis Rolls Out Airborne Research Facility
NASA Lewis Research Center today held a ceremonial roll out of a DC-9 aircraft that will serve as an airborne research facility for microgravity science.
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 06.06.95 - Note to Editor: Cleveland Federal Executive Board Honor Employees
 06.16.95 - U.S./Russian Cooperative Solar Array Arrives at Kennedy Space Center
When the Mir Cooperative Solar Array reached its destination--NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC)--from Russia on June 7, 1995, NASA's Lewis Research Center leadership in space power was combined with Russian technology representing one more milestone towards building a world-class international research facility in space.
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 06.21.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis Employees Receive Highest Medals
 06.21.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis Employees Honored on "Federal Employee Day"
 07.11.95 - Note to Editor: STS-70 Reception for Astronauts Families
 07.12.95 - Note to Editor: Spaceweek July 16-24, 1995 Activities
 07.13.95 - Note to Editor: In-Flight Briefing with STS-70
 07.31.95 - Note to Editor: Mars Pathfinder Demo at Plum Brook Station
 08.17.95 - Note to Editor: ACTS Conference - September 11-13, 1995
 08.24.95 - Martin P. Kress Named Lewis Research Center Deputy Director
Martin P. Kress has been selected as the new Deputy Director of NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH. His appointment, announced by NASA Lewis Director Donald J. Campbell, became effective August 6, 1995.
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 08.28.95 - Note to Editor: STS-69 Launch Date - August 31, 1995
 08.29.95 - Note to Editor: NASA LERC/Russian Solar Dynamic Demo
 09.07.95 - Note to Editor: 1st Public Demo of ACTS and Results Conference
 09.18.95 - NASA Lewis Transfers Technology to Non-Aerospace Companies
NASA Lewis Research Center has initiated the Commercial Technology (CommTech) Consultants program to support the technological needs of non-aerospace companies.
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 09.18.95 - Cleveland Technology Flies on board Space Shuttle Columbia
Work performed by employees of NASA's Lewis Research Center, professors at Case Western Reserve University and employees of many Ohio companies is represented in seven space experiments flying as part of The Second United States Microgravity Laboratory USML-2 on board Space Shuttle Columbia, STS-73, scheduled for launch at 9:35 a.m. EDT on September 28, 1995.
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 09.21.95 - Note to Editor: STS-73 Press Briefing
 09.27.95 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Closed on Sunday
 09.29.95 - Note to Editor: Three Month Schedule for Visitor Center
 10.06.95 - Note to Editor: Chemistry in Our Environment - November 5, 1995
 10.06.95 - Note to Editor: Disability Awareness Month
 10.18.95 - Note to Editor: Visitor Center Lecture Series
 10.19.95 - Note to Editor: Sunil Dutta Receives Achievement Medal
 10.24.95 - Note to Editor: Photo Opportunity for Local Government Officials of TSC
 10.30.95 - Note to Editor: Lewis Participation in Indians Parade
 10.31.95 - Space Shuttle to Deliver NASA Lewis Research Center Managed Solar Array to Russian Space Station
The NASA Lewis Research Center managed Mir Cooperative Solar Array will be delivered to the Russian Mir Space Station during the historic second Shuttle/Mir docking mission.
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 10.31.95 - Note to Editor: Signing of Space Act Agreement
 11.02.95 - NASA Lewis Research Center and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Form Long-Term Collaboration
NASA Lewis Research Center and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation today signed a Space Act Agreement, establishing a three-year relationship for cooperative research.
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 11.03.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis and Cleveland Public School Wind Tunnel
 11.06.95 - NASA Lewis Research Center Teams with Cleveland Public Schools to Build Wind Tunnel
NASA Lewis Research Center, the Ohio Space Grant Consortium and the Cleveland Public Schools today unveiled and demonstrated a 26-foot long subsonic wind tunnel designed and constructed by General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Aviation High School students.
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 11.07.95 - Nasa Lewis to oversee launch of the International Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
NASA Lewis Research Center will oversee the launch of the internationally designed and fabricated Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).
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 11.07.95 - Note to Editor: NASA Lewis to Oversee Launch of International SOHO Mission
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