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Press Release 95-56

Lori J. Rachul
NASA Lewis Research Center


CLEVELAND, OH -- NASA Lewis Research Center, the Ohio Space Grant Consortium and the Cleveland Public Schools today unveiled and demonstrated a 26-foot long subsonic wind tunnel designed and constructed by General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Aviation High School students.

This unique educational project was funded by grants from NASA Lewis Research Center's High Performance Computing and Communica- tion (HPCC) Program and the Ohio Space Grant Consortium (OSGC).

"The goal of NASA Lewis' HPCC Program is to introduce into the K-12 school system computing and communications technology that will stimulate students' interest in the areas of math, science and computing," said Dr. John Lytle, chief of NASA Lewis' Interdisciplinary Technology Office. "This wind tunnel project will provide students with a unique way to explore these areas.

In addition to funding, many Lewis Research Center engineers provided development and design support along with technical assistance since the project began in May. The design team, which consisted of 14 students from the high school, toured NASA Lewis' wind tunnels to obtain first-hand knowledge of wind tunnel operation.

The OSGC is a National program funded through Congress and administered by NASA. One objective of the OSGC is to promote a strong science, mathematics and technology educational base from elementary through university levels. The Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) is the lead organization that governs the operation of this program.

Students throughout the Cleveland Public Schools will also have the opportunity to view the tunnel in operation and access data from the wind tunnel via the Internet. Through NASA Lewis' HPCC, several schools within the Cleveland Public Schools have been provided Macintosh computers, training on the various computer applications and connections to the Internet that establish a network among those schools.

This is the second wind tunnel designed and built with the funding support of Lewis Research Center's HPCC Program and OSGC. The first one was built at Barberton High School in Barberton, Ohio.

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