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Press Release 94-36
Lori J. Rachul
(Bus: 216/433-8806)

NASA Lewis Research Center Employees Receive Agency's Highest Medals at Honors Awards Ceremony

Cleveland, OH -- NASA's Acting Deputy Administrator General John R. Dailey and Center Director Donald J. Campbell were present on May 11, 1994 to honor more than 50 employees who made outstanding contributions to advancing the goals of NASA and the Lewis Research Center. The employees received the space agency's highest medals for excellence in science, engineering and service.

A medal for Outstanding Leadership went to:
DR. RICHARD T. GEDNEY, Westlake; "For superb management and engineering leadership of the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Project."

BRENT A. MILLER, Olmsted Falls; "For outstanding vision and leadership in providing Lewis Research Center with high-quality computer services and leading-edge supercomputing and communications systems."

JOSEPH A. ZIEMIANSKI, Rocky River; "For proactive advocacy and leadership of vehicle-focused aeropropulsion research programs that support the sustained supremacy of the U.S. aerospace community within the world marketplace."

A medal for Exceptional Achievement went to:

DR. JAMES AFARIN, Fairlawn; "For extraordinary initiative and leadership in managing the Lewis Energy Conservation Program."

DEBRA J. DeANGELO, Parma; "For providing outstanding program cost analyses to support Space Station Freedom (SSF) redesign activities and seeking continuous improvements and cost containment in SSF supporting development tasks."

DR. JOHN W. DUNNING, JR., North Olmsted; "For significant contributions and dedicated efforts in support of the Space Station redesign which have truly enhanced this Nation's human space flight program."

JANICE K. GASSAWAY, Cleveland; "For skillful demonstration of the cost effectiveness of using just-in-time procurement strategies in developing the electric power management and distribution system for Space Station Freedom."

ANITA L. GRAHAM, Shaker Heights; "For planning and coordination of a highly successful regional conference that introduced disabled and minority disabled youth to career options in math, science and engineering."

DANIEL H. HAAS, Avon Lake; "For outstanding performance and leadership in assembling and testing mechanical systems for the Solid Surface Combustion Experiment and the Microgravity Smoldering Combustion Experiment."

LUZ Y. JEZIOROWSKI, Fairview Park; "For successful development and guidance of a comprehensive environmental safety program to protect the Lewis community from the hazards of lead-containing materials."

KEVIN A. McCORMICK, Litchfield; "For outstanding performance, contributions and dedication to important programs conducted in the Small Engines Components Testing Laboratory."

JOHN J. NIEBERDING, Westlake; "For significant contributions and dedicated efforts in support of the Space Station redesign which have truly enhanced this Nation's human space flight program."

A medal for Exceptional Engineering Achievement went to:

DR. WALTER C. MERRILL, Columbia Station; "For technical contributions and exceptional leadership in the development of advanced controls for aerospace propulsion systems."

A medal for Equal Employment Opportunity went to:

SANDRA M. WALTERS, Parma Heights; "For exceptional leadership in developing educational outreach strategies that have benefitted the underserved community in greater Cleveland."

A medal for Exceptional Service went to:

WILLIAM M. CLEBER, Middleburg Heights; "For valuable retirement and benefits counseling services provided to employees of NASA Lewis Research Center and the Federal community."

DR. JOHN J. COY, North Ridgeville; "For exceptional leadership of NASA/Army programs to advance gearing and transmission technology for future generations of civil and military rotorcraft."

ARTHUR N. CURREN, North Ridgeville; "For exceptional research and management skills applied to the design and development of the 32-GHz traveling wave tube for the Cassini mission."

ROBERT L. DAVIES, Middleburg Heights; "For exceptional leadership in advancing the characterization of next-generation, high- temperature materials systems and improving materials research facilities and safety."

ROBERT L. DAVIS, Cleveland; "For outstanding performance and leadership in the assembly of high-speed rotating equipment and exceptional dedication to the training of others."

CAROLE A. DEMONGEOT, Berea; "For outstanding achievements in data processing education and secretarial development that have significantly contributed to administrative efficiency and employee productivity at NASA Lewis Research Center."

SANDRA B. DUHR, Berea; "For sustained exceptional performance in support of the management and administration of the Space Experiments Program at NASA Lewis Research Center."

JOHN G. EWASHINKA, Fairview Park; "For outstanding technical and management contributions to the advancement of the cooperation with the international partners in the Space Station Freedom program." (Mr. Ewashinka was given his award prior to his death on May 6, 1994.)

ROBERT E. FAILS, Rocky River; "For outstanding leadership, excellent judgment and exceptional initiative in continuously improving the operations of the Resources Analysis and Management Office at NASA Lewis Research Center."

JOHN W. GIBB, Westlake; "For exceptional leadership in the initiation and implementation of commercial launch services for intermediate and large class missions on expendable launch vehicles."

SOL H. GORLAND, Strongsville; "For highly effective planning and management of the national Earth-to-Orbit technology program and for skillful leadership of the validation of a broad scope of technologies."

DR. JAMES D. HOLDEMAN, North Ridgeville; "For outstanding contributions in the field of fluid mechanics that have established design criteria for dilution jet mixing in gas-turbine combustors."

KAREN K. HUGHES, Avon Lake; "For outstanding secretarial support provided to the Space Station Freedom Directorate of NASA Lewis Research Center."

MYRON M. JOSEPH, North Olmsted; "For extraordinary skill and innovation in the development of complex and unique instrumentation."

DANIEL A. JURKOVICH, Westlake; "For superb leadership in the fabrication of significant and technically demanding projects and significant contributions to staff training and development."

PHILIP J. KRAMER, Fairview Park; "For creative engineering and leadership in the projects involving vacuum chambers, solar simulation, fluid systems and structural systems and for exceptional contributions to institutional safety at NASA Lewis Research Center."

JAMES J. LAVELLE, North Olmsted; "For support of advances in aircraft engine technology by providing excellent leadership of the development, installation and implementation of aircraft engine component test facilities and programs."

LEROY McCREARY, Berea; "For strengthening of NASA and the Lewis work force by providing outstanding services in recruitment, employment and human resource management."

HELEN C. MONROE, Cleveland; "For exceptional dedication and leadership in managing the cost accounting and disbursement of NASA funds and participating in the development of beneficial new automated data processing systems."

DR. SASI K. PILLAY, Brecksville; "For extraordinary foresight and skill in anticipating complex customer needs, implementing computational technologies to meet those needs and mentoring others to become technically proficient."

KARL F. READER, Westlake; "For sustained superior performance in the engineering development and safety, reliability and quality assurance management of advanced communication technology flight projects at NASA Lewis Research Center."

DR. HOWARD D. ROSS, Moreland Hills; "For extraordinary scientific achievements and technical leadership that have advanced the stature and scope of NASA's microgravity combustion research."

LOUIS M. RUSSELL, Olmsted Township; "For exceptional service in developing, mastering and applying advanced flow visualization techniques to turbine research and for exceptional dedication in transferring this technology."

GEORGE J. SCHAEFER, JR., Olmsted Falls; "For sustained exceptional performance in launch vehicle simulation and software analyses of Lewis-managed launch vehicle programs and for significant contributions to many successful launches."

EDNA T. SCHLEICH, Fairview Park; "For outstanding secretarial skills and leadership which have contributed significantly to the efficient administration of the Facilities Operations Division."

CHARLES J. STAUFFER, Strongsville; "For outstanding service, leadership and training in support of aeronautics research at NASA Lewis Research Center."

JAMES L. SWAVELY, Northridge, CA; "For exceptional sustained performance in support of the development of the electric power system for Space Station Freedom."

WILLIAM K. TABATA, North Olmsted; "For exceptional achievements in the research, technology, development and program management of space and terrestrial propulsion systems."

MARILYN V. WEAVER, North Olmsted; "For consistent editorial services and innovative solutions to budgetary issues in the Technical Information Services Division at NASA Lewis Research Center."

A medal for Public Service went to:

PHILLIP SHANNAHAN, Houston, TX; "For valuable project control expertise that has improved the management of Space Station electric power system development in a dynamic, funding-limited environment."

Lewis Distinguished Publication Awards, awarded to Dr. William R. Jones, Jr., North Olmsted; Dr. Stephen V. Pepper, Cleveland Heights and Pilar Herrrera-Fierro, Bay Village, "In recognition of the excellence and value of their publication entitled 'Interfacial Chemistry of a Perfluoropolyether Lubricant Studied by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Temperature Desorption Spectroscopy'."

teven V. Szabo Engineering Excellence Award, awarded to Kelly S. Carney, Strongsville; Damian R. Ludwiczak, Westlake; Isam S. Yunis, North Ridgeville and Anne M. McNelis, Euclid, "For outstanding success in the development of a procedure for feathering the Photovoltaic Arrays on Space Station Freedom to minimize plume loading, thereby eliminating the need for a costly and time-consuming redesign."

Abe Silverstein Medal presented to ALEX VARY, North Olmsted; "For exceptional achievement in the creation and development of the acousto-ultrasonic NDE method for assessing the integrity and reliability of composite structures."

GROUP ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS were presented to three groups, Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Project Team, Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission Materials Durability Team and Space Station Freedom Battery Cell Team. These three groups, composed of 252 individuals, were recognized for their team efforts.

CAREER SERVICE PINS were presented to 11 forty-year and two forty-five year employees. Receiving forty-year pins were: Donald R. Boldman, Avon Lake; Earl R. Hanes, Jr., Cleveland; Joseph P. Joyce, Berea; Ernest F. Kudra, Seven Hills; Erwin H. Meyn, Broadview Heights; Norman W. Orth, Cleveland; Lawrence J. Petraus, Brunswick; Carl W. Richter, Strongsville; John L. Shannon, Jr., Westlake; Dominic J. Sozio, Brooklyn and Donald J. Szalkowski, North Olmsted. Receiving forty-five year pins were Russell A. Lindberg, North Olmsted and Jack G. McArdle, North Olmsted.

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