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Press Release 93-39
Lori J. Rachul
(Bus: 216/433-8806)

NASA Lewis Research Center Employees Receive Agency's Highest Metals at Honor Awards Ceremony

Cleveland, OH -- NASA's Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Dr. Wesley L. Harris and Center Director Lawrence J. Ross were present on May 27 to honor more than 80 employees who made outstanding contributions to advancing the goals of NASA and the Lewis Research Center. The employees received the space agency's highest medals for excellence in science, engineering and service.

A medal for Outstanding Leadership went to:

SALVATORE GRISAFFE, Rocky River; "For exemplary leadership of world-class research and an uncompromising commitment to technical excellence, organization effectiveness, cultural diversity, and total quality at NASA Lewis Research Center."

FRANKLIN J. KUTINA, JR., Chagrin Falls; "For advancing aeronautics research by leading significant improvements in the productivity, quality, and timeliness of Lewis aeropropulsion testing and in the capabilities of test facilities."

A medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement went to:

DR. REBECCA A. MACKAY, Strongsville; "For exceptional contributions to the understanding of microstructure/property relationships in high-temperature alloys."

DR. EDWARD J. RICE, Westlake; "For conducting creative and pioneering studies of aeropropulsion system acoustics and developing an internationally used design method to reduce aircraft engine noise."

A medal for Exceptional Engineering Achievement went to:

BEN T. EBIHARA, Strongsville; "For significant innovations in the design of vacuum electronics devices and experimental facilities, particularly those operating at temperature extremes."

A medal for Equal Employment Opportunity went to:

DAVID NAMKOONG, Shaker Hts.; "For outstanding efforts and accomplishments in fostering multiculturalism in the Federal workplace and throughout the local community."

A medal for Exceptional Achievement went to:

ROBERT R. BICKFORD, Hinckley; "For innovative contributions and exceptional service in the installation and testing of the Forward Swept Counter-Rotating Propeller Program."

CARMELA BYNUM, Warrensville Hts.; "For outstanding performance and leadership in assembling and testing mechanical systems for microgravity research."

THOM A. CONEY, Medina; "For outstanding achievements in communications systems engineering that have saved the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Program more than $10 million."

DR. DALE C. FERGUSON, Berea; "For outstanding leadership in demonstrating the detrimental effects of plasma on the design of Space Station Freedom and identifying a design solution."

JOHN M. HAIRSTON, JR., Cleveland; "For exceptional leadership in establishing the new External Programs Directorate that is significantly enhancing the visibility, prestige, and community service of NASA Lewis Research Center."

DENNIS W. KINZELMAN, Spencer; "For outstanding leadership and dedication in the installation and operation of the Rich Burn/Quick Cool/Lean Burn and Lean Burn/Pre-Mix/Pre-Vaporize combustor research programs."

WILMA J. TAYLOR, Russia Twp.; "For developing improved procedures for the nondestructive testing of flight hardware and fasteners."

MARY Y. THARP, North Olmsted; "For consistently providing timely and thorough resource data which has enabled the Lewis Aeropropulsion Research Program to efficiently achieve its cost and programmatic objectives."

A medal for Exceptional Service went to:

H. BRUCE BLOCK, Berea; "For outstanding leadership in conducting in-house testing and developing associated facilities for the Lewis Aero-propulsion Program.

GARY BOLLENBACHER, North Olmsted; "For innovations in software analysis and integration that contributed significantly to many successful launches of Lewis-managed launch vehicles.

GILBERT M. BOYD, Cleveland; "For exceptional contributions to research, environmental protection and worker safety at NASA Lewis Research Center. Boyd also received a forty-five-year Career Service Pin.

RONALD J. CHUCKSA, Brook Park; "For outstanding engineering management contributions in support of aeronautics research and the development of space experiments."

DIANNA H. CORSO, Cleveland; "For dedicated and effective procurement support to NASA and Lewis Research Center computer technology programs during a period of major changes in technology and procurement regulations."

PEGGY DUCHOSLAV, Brook Park (posthumously - accepting the award was Peggy's mother Mrs. Ruth Dillon); "For consistently providing outstanding service and innovative solutions to the many customers of the Technical Information Services Division."

RONALD E. EVERETT, Elyria; "For exemplary leadership of procurement professionals and significant and innovative contributions to the success of major space programs at NASA Lewis Research Center."

WILSON F. FORD, Chesterland; "For successfully establishing and developing a highly professional, proactive and collaborative Safety, Reliability and Quality Assurance Program for NASA Lewis Research Center."

ROBERT J. FRYE, North Olmsted; "For many outstanding engineering contributions to the development of space power electronics."

OLGA D. GONZALEZ-SANABRIA, Strongsville; "For outstanding contributions to the development and coordination of NASA Lewis Research Center activities in the OAST In-Space Technology Experiments Program."

DEBRA L. GRIEST, Bay Village; "For outstanding performance in human resources development at NASA Lewis Research Center and fostering employee involvement in total quality and multicultural work force issues."

DANIEL V. GURA, Middleburg Hts.; "For valuable innovations in model fabrication and exceptional dedication in training apprentices and cooperative education students."

NANCY A. HORANSKY, Fairview Park; "For extensive knowledge and outstanding secretarial skills that have contributed significantly to the efficiency and effectiveness of the new External Programs Directorate."

REGINA B. KELLY, Hinckley; "For outstanding technical management of the Facilities Operation and Test Support Services Contract."

PAMELA KOTLENZ, Parma; "For significant contributions to the security of the many diverse, automated information systems at Lewis and outstanding leadership in establishing security risk management processes."

DOUGLAS L. LEHOTA, Sheffield Lake; "For significant contributions to the safe and reliable operation of the high-voltage electric power system at NASA Lewis Research Center."

DR. REGIS F. LEONARD, Bay Village; "For significant contributions and outstanding leadership in planning, guiding and directing the Solid State Technology Program at NASA Lewis Research Center."

JOHN J. NIEBERDING, Westlake; "For outstanding contributions to many NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Missions and excellence in advanced mission planning and advocacy."

EDWIN R. PROCASKY, Berea; "For valuable innovations in system engineering and integration that have enhanced the safe, reliable operations of our Nation's intermediate and large expendable launch vehicles."

RICHARD L. PUTHOFF, North Olmsted; "For sustained superior performance in the design and development of solar array wings for the Space Station Freedom Electric Power System."

GEORGE W. READUS, JR., Cleveland; "For outstanding technical support, leadership and personal dedication in achieving key goals of research projects conducted in the Instrumentation Research Laboratory."

RONALD J. ROMANCHOK, Brunswick; "For numerous outstanding contributions to the Engineering Directorate's state-of-the-art design projects supporting advanced aeropropulsion and aerospace research."

GENE E. SCHWARZE, Fairview Park; For enabling engineering accomplishments that achieved major technical goals related to space nuclear power systems."

LARRY R. SCUDDER, Medina; "For outstanding leadership of the Government and contractor team that is defining and implementing the operations and facility requirements for the Electrical Power System of Space Station Freedom."

THOMAS L. SEEHOLZER, Westlake; "For creative engineering solutions for the structural systems of the Atlas/Centaur and Titan/Centaur launch vehicles, and for exceptional contributions to pyrotechnic separation systems."

DR. GARY T. SENG, Olmsted Twp.; "For outstanding leadership of the High-Temperature Electronics Research Program and the Fiber-Optic-Based Controls Research Program at NASA Lewis Research Center."

DORELIA Y. SHARP, Olmsted Twp.; "For sustained exceptional performance in support of the management and integration of Space Station Freedom."

FREDERICK F. SIMON, Cleveland; "For many outstanding contributions to both pioneering research and multicultural understanding at NASA Lewis Research Center."

GROUP ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS were presented to two groups, Antarctic Space Analog Program Photovoltaic Power System Implementation Team and Icing Research Tunnel Operations Support Team. These two groups, composed of 35 individuals, were recognized for their "team" efforts.

CAREER SERVICE PINS were presented to 7 forty-year and 4 forty-five-year employees. Receiving forty-year pins were: David A. Bittker, South Euclid; Bruce J. Clark, Westlake; Ronald C. Frimel, Parma; Erwin A. Lezberg, Berea; Curt H. Liebert, Middleburg Hts.; Melvin E. Morrow, Brook Park; William T. Wintucky, Brecksville. Receiving forty-five-year pins were: Gilbert M. Boyd, Cleveland; Robert D. Ingebo, Seven Hills; Elmer J. Petelka, Medina; Warner L. Stewart, Strongsville.

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