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Press Release 93-20
Linda S. Ellis
(Bus: 216/433-2900)

NASA Studies Inlet for Tomorrow's High Speed Civil Transport

Cleveland, OH -- NASA's Lewis Research Center is conducting tests on this Variable Diameter Centerbody inlet in the Center's 10 x 10-foot Supersonic Wind Tunnel. The variable diameter feature of this inlet promotes acceleration through the high drag Mach 1 transonic speeds. The tests on the mixed compression, axisym-metric inlet focus on increasing efficiency and thrust of an engine. Typically, tests are run from Mach 2 to Mach 2.5, and up to 8 degrees angle of attack, which occurs when an airplane flies with its nose tilted away from its flight direction. The inlet may be used on tomorrow's High Speed Civil Transport, a new supersonic airliner. Such an aircraft would fly 250 - 300 people across the Pacific at supersonic speeds, cutting hours from the time of the same flight with today's 747.

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Photo numbers are C-93-01812 and C-93-01813.


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