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Press Release 93-09
Lori J. Rachul
(Bus: 216/433-8806)

Ohio Economy Boosted by NASA's Presence

Clevelan, OH -- Approximately $635 million was added to Ohio's economy by NASA's Lewis Research Center in Fiscal Year 1992 in the form of contracts, grants to colleges and universities, utilities, and salaries and benefits paid to its employees.

Lewis contracts and grants alone contributed almost $270 million to the state economy, up some $45 million from FY91. Of the over 1300 contract and grant actions awarded to Ohio firms and schools, 772 contract actions and 347 grant actions were awarded to establishments located in northeast Ohio.

The Lewis Center employs over 2800 civil service workers who earned approximately $168,904,000 in salaries and benefits in FY92. On-site contractors accounted for approximately 1900 work years for a total of $157,782,000 which includes salaries, benefits, and supplies and materials.

As a result of the grant and fellowship activity, more than 500 high school students and college and university faculty and students were involved in programs at Lewis during the past year. The grant and fellowship programs benefit both Lewis and the participating educational institutions because it allows them to attract and retain top professors while engaging academic researchers to work on NASA's technical problems.

The following Ohio schools received over $18 million in FY92: Baldwin-Wallace College, $65,600; Case Western Reserve University, $4.4 million; Cleveland State University, $3.5 million; Cuyahoga Community College, $100,000; John Carroll University, $246,850; Kent State University, $219,707; Ohio Aerospace Institute, $5 million; Ohio State University, $819,360; Ohio University, $127,500; University of Akron $1.4 million; University of Cincinnati, $521,377; University of Toledo, $1.7 million; Wright State University, $31,308; Wittenberg University, $104,437; and College of Wooster $15,100.

The Lewis presence also had a major impact on Ohio utilities. In FY92 Lewis spent $15.1 million for electricity, $1.5 million for gas, $2.6 million for telephone service and $820,000 for water -- for a total of $20 million.

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