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AeroSpace Frontiers 2012 Archive
January 2012
End of Year All Hands

Center Director Ray Lugo gathered together employees to thank them for their hard work over 2011 and to look ahead to 2012.
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February 2012
Astronaut Cady Coleman Reaches Out to Clevelanders

Catherine "Cady" Coleman, a veteran of two space shuttle missions and a 6-month expedition aboard the International Space Station, visits Cleveland and shares life as an astronaut.
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March 2012
Hardware Bound for Space Station

On Feb. 13, NASA Glenn waved goodbye to its Space Communications and Navigation Testbed. Hundreds of employees from across the center dedicated the past 5 years to the project.
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April 2012
Cleveland Celebrates John Glenn's Anniversary of Flight

On March 2, an audience of nearly 3,000 gathered in Cleveland to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first orbital flight around Earth by an American.
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May 2012
Glenn, FAA Advance Secured Wireless Data Communications

Long-term collaborative effort reaches important milestone.
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June 2012
Center Director Reviews Timely Issues at All Hands

Director Ray Lugo recently briefed employees on their roles and responsibilities in the areas of a new communications strategy, telework arrangement and partisan election campaigns.
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July 2012
Learning a lot from the Dot

NASA Glenn offered several opportunities on June 5 to create awareness of a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event called the Transit of Venus.
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August 2012
Glenn's SCaN Testbed Launched from Japan
NASA Glenn employees and the public gathered to celebrate the launch of the Space Communications and Navigation Testbed to the International Space Station on July 20.
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September 2012
Glenn Generates Excitement for Mars Curiosity Rover
For nearly 72 hours prior to its much-anticipated landing, the Mars Curiosity rover was the focus of several NASA Glenn community events designed to celebrate NASA's mission to the surface of Mars.
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October 2012
International Space Station: What's Up There?
Julie Robinson, program scientist for the International Space Station, visited NASA Glenn last month to affirm the benefits and expand employees' knowledge of this great orbiting research laboratory.
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November 2012
Cyber Security Begins and Ends With You
NASA Glenn's Cyber Security Awareness Day on Oct. 11 reinforced everyone's responsibility in ensuring a safe, secure and resilient cyber environment at work and home.
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December 2012
NASA Decommissions Reactor Facility
NASA Glenn has completed the decommissioning of the Plum Brook Reactor Facility (PBRF) and received site license termination from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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