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AeroSpace Frontiers 2011 Archive
January 2011
Retirees Gather for Briefing

Center Director Ray Lugo invited NASA Glenn retirees to Lewis Field on Dec. 6 for a special briefing on the center's current activities and future goals.
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February 2011
Director Announces New Management Appointments

Glenn Center Director Ray Lugo has announced the selections of new senior management appointments at the center, including James Free as deputy director.
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March 2011
Agency Announces FY 2012 Budget Request

Center Director Ray Lugo said that despite tough economic times, the Fiscal Year 2012 budget request is good news for Glenn.
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April 2011
Neighboring Institutions Form Partnership

Side by side, NASA Glenn and the Cleveland Clinic are leveraging their strengths through a formal partnership.
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May 2011
Glenn Extends Flight Electronics Legacy

With the launch of STS-134, the Mobile And Remote Sensing (MARS) Laboratory extended its legacy of flight electronics within the Materials on International Space Station Experiments.
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June 2011
Program Certifies Systems Engineers

NASA Glenn Research Center's strong engineering workforce just got stronger. The center recently certified several more employees in the discipline of systems engineering and integration.
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July 2011
New Main Gate Opens at Lewis Field

During a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 6, NASA's Glenn Research Center celebrated the latest milestone in its facilities master plan, the completion of the new main gate.
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August 2011
Glenn Marks Final Space Shuttle Mission

On July 8, NASA Glenn employees gathered at Lewis Field Hangar and Plum Brook Station to experience the final flight of NASA's 30-year Space Shuttle Program.
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September 2011
IT Service Transformation Underway

The scope of NASA Glenn's IT Infrastructure Integration Program is broad, entailing consolidation and central management of IT services in five main areas that will affect all center employees.
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October 2011
Research Teams Merit R&D 100 Awards

Three teams of researchers and scientists at NASA's Glenn Research Center were honored with R&D Magazine's "Oscar of Invention."
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November 2011
Community Workgroup Enabled Open Communications

NASA Glenn thanked members of the Community Workgroup for the Decommissioning of the Plum Brook Reactor Facility for their important role in the project over the past 12 years.
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December 2011
Strategic Action Plan Driving Glenn Forward

On Nov. 2, members of NASA Glenn's senior staff highlighted some of the progress made in executing the center's Strategic Action Plan.
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