AeroSpace Frontiers 2009 Archive
January 2009
Glenn Expertise Earns Software of the Year Honor

A team of engineers--three from NASA Glenn and one from Boeing Phantom Works--has earned NASA's 2008 Software of the Year Award.
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February 2009
Forum Addresses Cultural Improvement Activities

Cultural Improvement Forum updates employees on activities underway to help build a stronger, healthier work environment.
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March 2009
Glenn Aerospace Engineer Wins Federal Idol Contest

Paul Senick took first place in the North Coast Combined Federal Campaign's Federal Idol contest on Jan. 15. Dan Paxson earned a spot in the Top 20 Finalists.
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April 2009
KRIS Center Offers Synergistic Approach to Resources

Glenn's new Knowledge Resources and Information Services Center brings together knowledge-based resources into one convenient location.
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May 2009
WING, Today@Glenn Gets a Face-Lift

Web Intranet at Glenn (WING) and Today@Glenn Web sites get a new look and feel.
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June 2009
STS-119 Crew Excites Employees, Local Students During Visit

Members of the STS–119 crew shared mission experiences and created special memories for center employees and more than 450 NASA Explorer School students at mission briefings conducted at NASA Glenn on May 7.
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July 2009
Celebrating Apollo 11's 40th Anniversary

AeroSpace Frontiers celebrates Apollo 11's success, highlights some of NASA Glenn's contributions to the Apollo program and brings to life a new vision for exploration under the Constellation Program.
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August 2009
Guerin Management Center Opens

On July 13, Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. welcomed the addition of the Guerin Management Center built on the site of the original Guerin House at Lewis Field.
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September 2009
Bolden and Garver Want NASA to Make a Difference

NASA's new Administrator Charles Bolden and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver talked with staff and toured facilities during their first official visit to NASA Glenn.
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October 2009
Ares I-X Set to Launch

The Ares I–X rocket is targeted to launch on Oct. 27 at NASA Kennedy Space Center as the first flight test of the Ares I crew launch vehicle, a major part of NASA's Constellation Program. NASA Glenn has played an important role in the project.
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November 2009
Administrator Gathers Senior Leaders for Summit

Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. shared highlights of NASA Executive Summit with Administrator Charles Bolden and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver.
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December 2009
Center Celebrates Ares I–X Achievement

During Glenn's Ares I–X Center Celebration, Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. reflected on how employees across the center came together to produce the upper stage simulator.
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