AeroSpace Frontiers 2008 Archive
January 2008
Year in Review

AeroSpace Frontiers looks back through its pages to relive some of the center's most significant events of 2007.
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February 2008
Glenn Partners with Industry to Advance Technology

Six projects will advance technologies critical to both exploration and aeronautics under NASA's Innovative Partnerships Program. Pictured are co-principle investigators from Glenn and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in Glenn's Simulated Lunar Operations Laboratory.
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March 2008
Combustion Integrated Rack Bound for Space

Space hardware, designed and built onsite over the past ten years, was shipped to NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida for preparation to launch aboard the space shuttle Endeavor this fall. Pictured is Mike Politi, Mechanical and Rotating Systems Branch, inspecting the interior surface of the CIR combustion chamber prior to shipment.
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April 2008
Facility Master Plan Progresses with Centralized Office Building

NASA Headquarters has approved funding for development of a Centralized Office Building at Lewis Field. This $25.3 million project will construct a 3-to 4-story high building of 80,000 to 90,000 square feet of floor space.
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May 2008
Glenn Earns Aerospace Standard 9100 Certification

This national certification verifies Glenn's ability to take on critical and complex work on advanced aerospace systems.
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June 2008
Lewis Field Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Glenn's Lewis Field showcased its people, technology and facilities to more than 21,000 visitors during its open house on May 17 and 18.
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July 2008
Plum Brook Welcomes Inquisitive Visitors

More than 13,000 people visited Plum Brook Station during its public open house on May 31 and June 1 in recognition of NASA's 50th Anniversary.
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August 2008
Glenn Rewards for Exemplary Employee Efforts

Glenn celebrated its first annual Center Awards Ceremony on July 29. Pictured is the diverse crowd that came to cheer the honorees.
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September 2008
Glenn Holds 2008 NASA Honor Awards Presentation

NASA Glenn cheers as employees receive NASA's highest honor.
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October 2008
NASA's 50th Anniversary Activities Come to a Close

During special events held at Plum Brook Station and at Lewis Field, Glenn's 50th Anniversary Social and Morale Committee organized a "birthday" reception and recognition program to thank center employees for their involvement throughout the year.
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November 2008
Ares I-X Segments Leave Center, Bound for Space Flight

The upper stage simulator for the Ares I–X test rocket, designed and built by NASA Glenn engineers and technicians, left the center last month to take a 12-day river journey bound for NASA Kennedy in Port Canaveral, Fla.
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December 2008
Glenn Hardware Delivered to International Space Station

When the Space Shuttle Endeavour lifted off on Nov. 14, it carried two major pieces of Glenn-developed hardware, as well as four Glenn experiments.
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