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AeroSpace Frontiers 2007 Archive
January 2007
January 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Center Master Plan Aligns Facilities With Mission

New office buildings, an auditorium and conference area and a public outreach district are included in a new Center Master Plan to ensure that Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station facilities align with the center's mission.
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February 2007
February 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers NASA Announces Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request

NASA Headquarters and Glenn news briefings address President's budget request.
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March 2007
March 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Dust Management Project Prepares for Lunar Surface Missions

It will take a sophisticated "Dust Buster" to control dust on the moon.
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April 2007
April 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Glenn and NSSC: Building a Good Customer Relationship

NASA's Shared Services Center celebrates first year of successful operation.
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May 2007
May 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Strategic Planning Will Transform Glenn to Meet Agency Directives

During an All Hands meeting on April 5, Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. highlighted a recent strategic planning meeting and a new governance structure that will help propel Glenn into the future and ensure success in implementing the Agency's mission.
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June 2007
June 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Dr. Porter Conducts All Hands, Tours Facilities

During her All Hands address on May 17, Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD), Dr. Lisa Porter, affirmed the importance of the National Aeronautics Research and Development Policy.
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July 2007
July 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Space Power Facility Rededication

A rededication of NASA's Space Power Facility is a significant milestone for returning back to the moon and onto Mars.
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August 2007
August 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers 2007 Glenn Research Center Honor Awards Ceremony

Glenn honors center personnel with the NASA's most prestigious medals and awards for outstanding contributions to the agency and center missions.
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September 2007
September 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Dr. Whitlow Shares the "Good News"

During his recent State of the Center Address, Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. highlighted how strategic changes over the past year have transformed Glenn into a valuable and respected contributor to the agency.
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October 2007
October 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers Glenn Researchers Win 2007 R&D 100 Awards

Antenna technology that can potentially reduce production costs associated with the cell phone and radio frequency circuitry industries is one of the three Glenn R&D 100 Award winners.
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November 2007
November 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers New Work Assignments Aimed Toward the Moon

During a news briefing on October 30, Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr., Deputy Director Ramon "Ray" Lugo, Director of Space Flight Systems Robert Moorehead and Deputy Director of Space Flight Systems Randy Humphries shared highlights on Glenn's new work assignments.
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December 2007
December 2007 AeroSpace Frontiers New Management Conference Facility

Glenn's new management conference center will pay homage to its predecessor, the Guerin House.
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