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December 2004 issues (1.2 MB pdf), Symposium highlights Return to Flight efforts
Glenn's Space Flight Awareness Program honored over 200 Center employees who contributed to an Agencywide return-the-shuttle-to-flight effort during a symposium.

November 2004 issue (1.0 Mb pdf), Senator Voinovich attends town hall
Center Director Dr. Julian Earls welcomed NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe and U.S. Senator George Voinovich to Glenn's Town Hall event on October 12 to discuss the importance of the NASA Flexibility Act.

October 2004 issue (844 kb pdf), Glenn and Cleveland State establish technology center
Glenn and Cleveland State University have established a new center that is a catalyst for growth and retention of technical expertise in Northeast Ohio.

September 2004 issue (1.5 MB pdf), Glenn repeats revolutionary award performance
Associate Administrator for Aeronautics Research Dr. J. Victor Lebacqz assisted in bestowing 28 medals—the Agency's highest award—to employees during the Glenn 2004 NASA Honor Awards Ceremony on September 1.

August 2004 issue (1.1 MB pdf), Neil Armstrong marks Apollo anniversary at Glenn.
On the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Glenn welcomed back Neil Armstrong, who began his NASA career at Glenn as a test pilot and later became the first human to set foot on the Moon. Armstrong sat among an audience of Center employees during a NASA Update, broadcast live from the Electric Propulsion Laboratory on July 20.

July 2004 issue (1.4 MB pdf), Glenn repeats revolutionary award performance
Glenn garnered six Turning Goals Into Reality awards for technologies to enable revolutionary capabilities in aeronautics, space transportation, and scientific exploration. This issue also features a 4-page color insert highlighting Glenn's Journey to Tomorrow activities.

June 2004 issue (348 K pdf), Plumbrook is ISO 14001 certified
Plum Brook Station, home to four of Glenn's world-class test facilities, has earned ISO 14001 certification.

May 2004 issue (472 K pdf), Icing Research Aircraft comes to Glenn
The delivery to Glenn of an S–3 Viking, a former Navy aircraft provides a big boost to NASA's Aviation Safety and Security Program (AvSSP) and the future of its icing flight research capabilities. On March 26, George Finelli, AvSSP manager, visited Glenn to help officially welcome the aircraft.

April 2004 issue (496 K pdf), Remembering our fallen heroes
Glenn engineers are gearing up the Sapce Power Facility (SPF) at Plum Brook to meet a challenging schedule of testing for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). It is a new kind of space telescope with a very large, infrared-optimized, primary mirror that will capture more light and resolve more distant objects than any other space-based telescope designed thus far.

March 2004 issue (440 K pdf), Remembering our fallen heroes
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe declared that the last Thursday in January be set aside every year as a Day of Remembrance across the Agency to honor the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia crews, and all others who have given their lives in the cause of exploration and discovery.

February 2004 issue (848 MB pdf), O'Keefe embraces the future
President Bush, in a speech at NASA Headquarters, unveiled a new vision for space exploration calling on NASA to "gain a new foothold on the Moon and to prepare for new journeys to the worlds beyond our own."

January 2004 issue (1.7 MB pdf), O'Keefe embraces the future
NASA's Project Prometheus recently reached an important milestone with the first successful test of an engine that could lead to revolutionary propulsion capabilities for space exploration missions throughout the solar system and beyond. The test involved a High Power Electric Propulsion ion engine. The event marked the first in a series of performance tests to demonstrate new high-velocity and high-power thrust needed for use in nuclear electric propulsion applications.