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Volume 10, Issue 8
August 2008

Top Story

Glenn Rewards for Exemplary Employee Efforts

Glenn celebrated its first annual Center Awards Ceremony on July 29. Pictured is the diverse crowd that came to cheer the honorees.

Featured Stories

Taylor Takes the Helm of PBS Deputy Director

Dave Taylor is eager to help advance Glenn's world class facilities at Plum Brook Station.

Hairston Bids Farewell to His NASA Family

External Programs Director John Hairston receives best wishes and presentations from his NASA coworkers and his extended family in the community.

Retirees and Employees Gather for Reunion and Picnic: PHOTO GALLERY

Generations came together to celebrate NASA's 50th Anniversary on July 17-18.

Summer Students Demonstrate Success of NASA Pipeline

Summer intern Emily Kennard reveals what students think of NASA Glenn summer programs.

2008 CFC Calls for Increased Participation

NASA 50th Anniversary Gala Set for August 29


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