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Stone Valued a Life of Service

Kent Stone, Office of the Chief Counsel, 54, recently died. A retired captain of the U.S. Navy, Stone served NASA as a patent and ethics attorney for the past 23 years.

Portrait of Stone. Credit: U.S. Navy
Stone joined NASA in May of 1984 from the law firm of Squire, Sanders and Dempsey. Admired as an attorney of exceptional intellect, ability and versatility, Stone established a legacy of expertise and efficiency. He created the most efficient patent application and prosecution processes in the agency. He also single-handedly conceptualized and provided the initial draft of the "Space Act Agreements Handbook" that is used throughout the agency.

During a memorial service held April 18 in the Visitor Center Auditorium, NASA friends and colleagues shared personal anecdotes about his character and contributions. They noted examples of his wry sense of humor, boundless helpfulness and sage advice. Particular recognition was also given to Stone's efforts to carefully screen and nurture future Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) officers, who begin litigating cases and counseling clients soon after they begin active duty.

Glenn's Chief Counsel, Bill Sikora, a colleague and friend, succinctly stated a common thread linking all of Stone's contributions: "Kent took very seriously his calling as a civil servant. He always wanted to be, and always was, of service to his country, to NASA, and to the people around him. It was Kent's constant desire to help that made him the best possible kind of teacher, colleague and friend."

Frank J. Barina, 70, who retired in November 1990 with 38 years of NASA service, has died. Barina served as a quality control engineer prior to retirement.

John Cruickshank Jr., 91, who retired with 24 1/2 years of service with NASA, has died. Cruickshank, nicknamed "Scotty," served as an administrative specialist prior to retirement. His government service also included 4 1/2 years with the U.S. Army.

Arthur N. Curren, 78, who retired in March 1995 with 44 years of NASA service, has died. Curren was a researcher for the Space Electronics Division prior to retirement.

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