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Earth Week 2007 Highlights

Glenn's Earth Day Committee enjoyed widespread support for this year's environmental awareness week activities held April 17-22. The committee coordinated a variety of activities and displays, onsite and offsite, that generated employee and public inquiry about energy conservation not only at Glenn but also throughout the country. Committee members include David Forth (SAIC), chair; Dan White, trustee and adviser; and Michele Kenzig, treasurer, from the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. Members-at-large include Eli Abumeri (SAIC), Rowena Butler, Sandra Jacobson (SAIC), Pete Kennedy (SAIC), Walt Kocher (CSU), Dan Papcke, Mike Quintin (SAIC), Linda Sekura (CSU), Aaron Walker (SAIC) and Wai Wan (SAIC) from the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate; Ernie Bertone, Bill Hower (SAIC), Steve Hershman (SAIC) and Rosemary Giesser (PBOS) from the Engineering Directorate; Nora Blackman (RSIS), Anne Power and Sandy Valenti (SAIC), from the Center Operations Directorate; Gwenn Geist, BTAS/External Programs Directorate; and Bernadette Puleo, Research & Technology Directorate.

Below are a few photographs highlighting some of the events:

Employees bike to work. Public enter Aero Traveling Exhibit Bus. Renewable energy demonstration at the Zoo.
Richard Cavicchi, Aeropropulsion Division, and committee members Geist and Wan participated in the "Bike to Work" event.

Nearly 700 people toured NASA's Aero Traveling Exhibit Bus at the Cleveland Zoo's EarthFest event. The bus offered a relaxing view of the Water Planet film and the Galaxy Song video assembled by Glenn's own Eli Abumeri.

Ken Burke, Power and In-Space Propulsion Division, demonstrated a solar-powered hydrogen fuel cell system, as an example of Glenn's renewable energy research at the Zoo's EarthFest. In between the scheduled demonstrations, Blackman (not pictured) cited historical and current examples of Glenn's renewable energy efforts and fielded questions from the public.

Earth Day crafts at Lewis Little Folks. Green Energy display in the Main Cafeteria. Energy-saving light display
Earth Day Committee members led a recycling craft activity and distributed flower seeds at Lewis Little Folks onsite child development center. Pictured, left to right, are Quynhgiao Nguyen, Durability and Protective Coatings Branch, with daughter, Hope; Geist; and Carl Mueller, Antenna, Microwave and Optical Systems Branch, with daughter, Nicole.

Fletcher Miller, National Center for Microgravity Research and vice president of Green Energy, standing center, answered questions at the Green Energy display in the Main Cafeteria. He later made a presentation on wind energy resources in Ohio and worldwide.

Sekura helped distribute 2,434 compact florescent light bulbs donated by TCP Industries during Earth Week. Mike Blair, BTAS/Community and Media Relations, got his giveaway while the popular item lasted. The six-pack of bulbs boasts a lifetime of seven years per bulb and can significantly reduce greehouse gas emissions over the life of the bulb when used to replace standard bulbs.

Earth Week displays at Plum Brook. GoBot, the NASA robot, with family. Employees visit Earth Week displays.
Quintin, in the blue shirt, was one of six Earth Day Committee members, along with local vendors, who staffed the Earth Week exhibit at Plum Brook Station on April 19. Quintin's display highlighted Glenn's Environmental Management System. James Ford's GoBot, part of Glenn's exhibit at the Zoo's EarthFest, greeted the public with water saving tips and flashed film clips from a documentary on the planet's fresh water crisis, in addition to facts about the universe. More than 600 employees visited the 23 displays/poster boards that were part of the Earth Week exhibit in the Main Cafe.

Photo Credit: NASA/Eli Abumeri

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