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Center Master Plan Aligns Facilities With Mission

Artist rendering of Glenn Campus Center.

A team of Glenn employees representing several directorates has been working to envision the future of the center. New office buildings, an auditorium and conference area and a public outreach district are included in a draft Center Master Plan to ensure that Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station (PBS) facilities align with the center's mission.

"We need to create sustainable, affordable facilities that will enable us to transition for the Vision for Space Exploration while building on our aeronautics heritage," explained Joseph Morris, chief architect, Facilities Division. "The Center Master Planning process aligns our facilities and land to promote and fully utilize our resources."

A key feature of the Master Plan at Lewis Field calls for creating a campus center that would function as downtown Glenn. Members of the Director's Leadership Team and program management personnel would be in centrally located offices to better facilitate communications among the directorates, visitors from other NASA centers and industry partners. Along with new Administration and Integrated Team Project Office buildings, additional downtown buildings would house an auditorium, conference center, cafeteria and employee services.

The West Campus would provide opportunities for facilities supporting space flight development work, including the testing and verification of hardware before it is sent into space.

The North Campus, where the Developmental Engineering Building is currently located, would be transformed into a public outreach area. The centerpiece would be the Aerospace Education Center, housing the Visitor Center and classrooms for expanded educational programs. New office buildings for space flight contractors would also take advantage of this prime location.

"This is a very visible and accessible area to the public," Morris explained. "So we can utilize this site for public outreach while leveraging the value of this land for our space exploration partners."

Group photo of Center Master Plan Team. C-2006-2062.  Credit NASA/Marvin Smith (RSIS) A reconfiguration of the Lewis Field main gate, with a shipping and receiving facility, is also outlined in the plan. The new design will provide a greater degree of campus security and safety.

Image right: The Center Master Plan Team members, pictured, left to right, are Seablom, Puzak, Doglio, Gaier, Linne, Morris, Vance, Johnson, Heryak, Riser, Main and O'Connor. Credit: NASA/Marvin Smith

The Center Master Plan calls for upgrading and augmenting current test facilities at PBS that will be vital in meeting the needs of the Vision for Space Exploration, Morris said. Modifications to the B-2 and Spacecraft Propulsion Facility (SPF) are already being designed.

Other PBS renovations include the relocation of the main gate and entrance roadway to accommodate the transport of large space flight hardware. A new regional airport runway near PBS is also envisioned to simplify the delivery of space flight hardware.

Additionally, underutilized land on the perimeter of PBS could be leased for commercial development under the Master Plan. "While we'll continue to preserve our natural buffer areas at Plum Brook, other areas of land can be made available to contractors and other partners."

Morris said that after the draft Center Master Plan is approved by Headquarters, it would roll out over a 20-year period. Within the first five years of the plan, employees would see construction of the Integrated Team Project Office, a new main gate and shipping and receiving facilities at Lewis Field. The SPF upgrades, main entrance and start of the regional airport runway should take shape at PBS during the first five years as well.

"Our team has developed an exciting plan that is a vital management tool to direct our planning efforts and ensure that we have the facilities we'll need for present and future missions," Morris said.

Members of the Center Master Plan Team include the following: Kirk Seablom, Office of Strategic Management; Lou Bernhardt, Dr. Ron Cull, Dr. Ruben DelRosario, Tony Doglio, Wei Hu, Les Main, Joe Morris, Renee Palyo, Bob Puzak, Larry Schroeder, Jeff Swan, Robert Wells, Jeff Brown and Jose Ayala, Engineering and Technical Services Directorate; Dr. Jim Gaier, Rob Jankovsky, Diane Linne, Mike Meyer, Robert Romanofsky and Dr. Rainee Simons, Research and Technology Directorate; Carol Vance and Richard Soppet, Center Operations Directorate; Mike Heryak, Office of Chief Information Officer; Clayton Meyers, Jim Mullins and Dan Vento, Programs and Projects Directorate; Ken O'Connor, Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. Ed Johnson and Dale Riser, Master Planning Consultant, Johnson-McAdams Firm, Penn., facilitated the team.

Preliminary Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station concept plans may be viewed on the Facilities Division web site at

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Doreen Zudell
NASA's Glenn Research Center