Space Power
Space Power

NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio, part of NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, recently completed renovation of the Space Power Facility. The test capabilities have been increased in the reverberant acoustic test chamber, the mechanical test facility and the thermal vacuum test chamber.

The reverberant acoustic test chamber, shown in the foreground of this image, is currently the most powerful in the world. It is designed for an overall sound pressure level up to 163 decibels – seven times louder than a jet engine. Thirty-six acoustic modulators and horns create the noise.

Just beyond the reverberant acoustic test chamber is the mechanical vibration test facility-the world's largest three-axis test stand. This test chamber simulates low frequency vibration conditions that are similar to vibration conditions experienced during the launch and ascent of spacecraft.

Beyond the mechanical vibration test facility is the thermal vacuum test chamber. The thermal vacuum test chamber, which is 100 feet in diameter and 122 feet high, simulates the extreme vacuum and cold environment of space.

This renovation completes a three and a half year project. More than 125 workers created this new, comprehensive facility for environmental testing of human space flight technology.

Image Credit: NASA
Christopher J. Lynch (Wyle Information Systems)

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