Radio Frequency in Space
Radio Frequency in Space

NASA's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio is the home to the Space Power Facility (SPF). The SPF is the world's largest space environment simulation chamber-it creates aspects of the environment of space so that spacecraft can be tested in space-like conditions while never leaving Earth.

The SPF has been used in many tests, including testing rockets, spacecraft intended to visit Mars, hardware for the International Space Station and much more. Facilities contained in the SPF include an aluminum test chamber, a concrete chamber enclosure and a vacuum chamber.

Currently, the SPF vacuum chamber is being prepared for use as an electromagnetic compatibility test facility.

Pictured is Todd Schroeder (Sierra Lobo, Inc.), an engineering technician at Glenn. He is connecting an antenna used to generate electric fields that will simulate radio frequency interference during testing. This testing will help ensure the communications and electronic systems of future spacecraft perform reliably in space.

Image Credit: NASA
Christopher J. Lynch (Wyle Information Systems)

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