Rocket Simulator Visits Cleveland
Rocket Simulator Visits Cleveland

A key component of future astronaut safety visited the Great Lakes Science Center's NASA Glenn Visitor Center. The Orion launch abort system pathfinder is a 45-foot long, full-scale, functioning mock-up that was used to prepare for the testing of the actual launch abort system.

The launch abort system offers a reliable method of pulling the entire crew away from danger in the event of an emergency during launch or during the climb to orbit of a spacecraft.

More than 1,600 people visited the launch abort system during the six days it was in Cleveland. On the first day of the visit, NASA's Glenn Research Center employees met the public and discussed the system and Glenn's role in spaceflight. Pictured here are Jim Free, the director of Space Flight Systems at Glenn, and astronaut Mike Foreman, who is currently the chief of External Programs at Glenn.

Image Credit: NASA
Photographer: Michelle M. Murphy (Wyle Information Systems LLC)

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