Astronaut Inspires the Next Generation
Astronaut Inspires the Next Generation

Astronaut Mike Foreman greets two potential future astronauts at the Home Days celebration in Independence, Ohio. Logan and Arthur Oravec may be a little too young to join the Astronaut Corps yet, but they enjoyed comparing flight suits with Foreman, an astronaut who has flown two shuttle missions and is currently serving a one-year detail as the Chief of External Programs at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

The Independence Home Days took place in early August. This year's theme was "Out of This World Space Odyssey," and NASA provided exhibitions and interactive experiences for attendees of the event. Foreman, an Ohio native, served as the grand marshal for the parade. After the parade, he signed autographs, posed for pictures and greeted members of the crowd.

Image Credit: NASA
Christopher J. Lynch, Wyle Information Systems LLC

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