Administrator Visits Glenn
Administrator Visits Glenn

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday July 12. While at Glenn, Administrator Bolden spoke to Glenn employees about the essential role Glenn will continue to play in NASA's ongoing success. He was joined by Senator Sherrod Brown and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. While visiting Glenn, Administrator Bolden also announced that Ramon "Ray" Lugo will become the Director of Glenn.

Administrator Bolden, who was part of the Astronaut Corps, flew on four shuttle missions: STS-61C, STS-31, STS-45 and STS-60. In this photograph, the Administrator greets Michael Foreman, a current member of the Astronaut Corps (who flew on STS-123 and STS-129) who is on a one-year detail at Glenn, serving as the Chief of External Programs.

Image Credit: NASA
Marvin G. Smith (Wyle Information Systems, LLC)

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