Thrust Vector Control Test Bed at Glenn
Thrust Vector Control Test Bed at Glenn

NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is responsible for the design, development, test and evaluation of the Thrust Vector Control (TVC) system for the Upper Stage of the Ares I rocket. During flight, the TVC system moves the Upper Stage engine by directing its thrust-which allows the rocket to be steered. Glenn has developed a prototype system and test rig which will fully test the performance of the TVC system prior to its flight. This rig, which replicates the bottom of the Upper Stage, also simulates the forces and conditions that the TVC system will encounter during flight. Here, Karen Weiland, lead systems engineer, and Bob Tornabene, engineering product lead, inspect some of the TVC components mounted on the test rig thrust cone simulator. Testing begins in May 2010 and will continue through the summer.

Image Credit: NASA
Marvin G. Smith (Wyle Information Systems LLC)

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