New Lunar Tool Invented at Glenn
New Lunar Tool Invented at Glenn

Researchers at NASA's Glenn Research Center have recently developed a new device that tests lunar soil strength called a vacuum bevameter. The vacuum bevameter measures the characteristics of lunar regolith simulants, or lunar soil simulants, in a vacuum chamber at specific temperatures while accounting for lunar gravity. Here, Dr. Heather Oravec, a postdoctoral researcher in the Tribology and Mechanical Components branch at Glenn, performs a bevameter test on simulated lunar regolith. This system may be used to predict strength characteristics of lunar regolith in previously unexplored regions of the moon.

This research was supported by an appointment to the NASA Postdoctoral Program at the Glenn Research Center, administered by Oak Ridge Associated Universities through a contract with NASA.

Image Credit: NASA
Michelle M. Murphy, (Wyle Information Systems LLC)

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