Groundwork for Testing Orion
Groundwork for Testing Orion

The groundwork for testing the new Orion Qualification Test Vehicle is in place at NASA Glenn Research Center's Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. In June, crews poured cement for the foundation of the Mechanical Vibration Facility (MVF) seismic mass, which is still under construction. The MVF is a part of the Space Power Facility, which also includes two large high-bays, an acoustics chamber and a vacuum chamber. The MVF will consist of an 18-foot diameter test table that will provide an area to test frequencies and vibration, and simulate the harsh mechanical vibration the Orion will experience during launch. (Information courtesy of Susan Motil, project manager for the Space Environmental Test Project)

Image Credit: NASA
Photographer: Quentin Schwinn (WYLE)

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