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The Path to High Adventure Begins with Scouting
March 27, 2013

Leadership, service, being prepared, and doing your best-these qualities are exemplified by NASA's astronauts, but are also shared by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. This synergy of ideals has undoubtedly influenced NASA's selection of career astronauts because approximately two thirds were former Scouts. Furthermore, upon request NASA provides recognition for U.S. youth who earn Scouting's highest achievements, namely the Eagle Scout rank and Gold Award. But Scouting's standing as the world's largest voluntary youth movement is undoubtedly another contributing factor.

Former Scouts have served as crewmembers on numerous spaceflight missions. For example, almost every shuttle and pre-shuttle mission included at least one crewmember that was a former Scout. Some missions have included all (former) Scout crews, and others were still outstanding, e.g., the six NASA astronauts on the first Hubble servicing mission included a former Girl Scout, a former Cub Scout and three Eagle Scouts.

The posters on this web site were created by NASA to inspire today's Scouts to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) through the example of career astronauts who were former Scouts. However, it must be recognized that the majority of the former Scouts who have worked for NASA have not been astronauts but have instead served on the ground as engineers, scientists, technicians and managers.

The Girl Scout Astronauts poster recognizes missions including former Girl Scouts. The other posters highlight missions including Eagle Scout astronauts. Human missions with other Boy Scouts (including Cub Scouts, Explorers, etc.) were not included in this artwork because of the large number of missions.

These NASA-created posters are in the Public Domain and are not protected by copyright. Permission is not required for duplication for non-commercial use. This web site was created to cost effectively disseminate the posters, so they can be displayed at Scout offices, camps, events and award ceremonies.

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They Wore this badge (scouts) before they wore these (astronaut badges)
They wore this before they wore these.
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