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Work Assignments for Moon Mission

Ares I and Orion

NASA is embarking on a grand challenge of space exploration that can only be achieved by effectively implementing and aligning work for the Vision for Space Exploration. This challenge requires a balanced workforce skill mix and productive NASA centers. NASA is distributing work assignments to the centers to ensure that the agency can begin to meet the challenges of exploration while maintaining ten healthy and productive centers.

The Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, one of NASA's premier aeronautics research centers, has been given the responsibility as lead to manage the contractor work package for the Crew Exploration Vehicle's (CEV) service module and spacecraft adapter integration.

The service module is a vital element of the CEV. It will provide major maneuvering capability with a propulsion system, generate power using solar arrays, and keep the vehicle cool with heat rejection radiators.

Glenn's responsibilities also will include:
  • Oversight and independent analysis of the CEV prime contractor
  • Flight test article and pathfinder production for the service module and spacecraft adapter
  • Integration analysis and systems engineering and integration
Glenn was also given lead responsibilities for the Crew Launch Vehicle upper stage, including:
  • Design and develop the thrust vector control subsystem
  • Design and develop the electrical power and power distribution system
  • Developmental flight instrumentation package
  • Leak detection sensors development
  • Purge system
  • Hazardous gas detection system
  • Upper stage systems engineering and integration
  • J-2X engine thermal/vacuum testing at Glenn's Plum Brook Facility
  • Vehicle integration design analysis support
The center will also take the lead in the development of upper stage module for the advanced development flight test-0.

Level II or project tasks include:
  • Safety Reliability & Quality Assurance (SR&QA) - Lead for failure mode and effects analysis integration and program trends analysis; support for document maintenance, program trending, integrated hazards analysis, and quality audits. Represent SR&QA at assigned systems integration groups.
  • Systems engineering and integration - Integrated power systems integration group co-lead, book manager for several system requirements review interface requirements document; support to analysis & trades and process & tools office; and support to flight performance; thermal & environmental control and life support; command, control, communication and information; and extravehicular activity systems integration groups.
  • Test and verification - Lead for electrical power test bed definition/architecture; lead for power systems integration groups; support to avionics test architecture
  • Advance Projects Office - Support architecture refinement and conceptual design of future elements