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NASA Glenn Receives Exploration Work Assignments
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin delivered good news to the Glenn Research Center and other agency field centers at a NASA Update today.

Illustration of CEV and Lunar Lander in moon's orbit During the televised meeting, the Administrator announced the work assignments to agency field centers for the Constellation Program, which is developing new spacecraft to carry astronauts to the moon and Mars.

Image right: Illustration of the CEV and Lunar Lander in the moon's orbit. Credit: NASA

NASA Glenn will lead the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Service Module and Spacecraft Adapter integration, providing oversight and independent analysis of the prime contractor's development of these segments.

"The NASA Glenn workforce is excited about this opportunity to have a major role in implementing the Vision for Space Exploration," said Glenn Center Director Woodrow Whitlow Jr. "This will benefit the nation, the agency, the center, its employees and the Greater Cleveland community."

The CEV is America's new spacecraft for human space exploration. It will be able to carry four astronauts to and from the moon and deliver six crew members and supplies to the International Space Station.

The service module is a vital element of the CEV. It will provide major maneuvering capability with a propulsion system, generate power using solar arrays, and keep the vehicle cool with heat-rejection radiators.

Illustration of CLV launching CEV Glenn will also have lead responsibility for the design and development of several Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV) upper stage systems. The CLV will carry the CEV into low-Earth orbit. It consists of a solid rocket booster for liftoff and ascent, and an upper stage to propel the spacecraft into orbit.

Image left: Illustration of the Crew Launch Vehicle. Credit: NASA

"We are pleased that the Administrator and program managers recognize how well our capabilities are aligned with the priorities of the agency," Whitlow said. "There's still much to be done as we prepare for space exploration, but NASA Glenn is up to the challenge and looks forward to a bright future in space flight systems development."

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