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  • Catherine G. Coleman, a Columbia (STS-73) mission specialist.

    This Month in Exploration - October

    10.04.10 - Fifteen years ago the shuttle crew ran microgravity experiments 24 hours a day. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • Integrated Audio system which allows astronauts to communicate

    Communicating in Space

    08.26.10 - A new Integrated Audio system, which allows astronauts to communicate, is being developed and tested at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

  • Glenn Curtiss and his biplane.

    This Month in Exploration - September

    09.02.10 - One hundred years ago Glenn H. Curtiss flew from Cedar Point to Euclid Beach in an hour and forty-two minutes.

  • Portrait of Astronaut Michael Foreman in flight suit

    Ohio Astronaut Lands at Glenn

    07.27.10 - An Ohio astronaut, Michael Foreman, is serving as the Chief of External Programs at NASA's Glenn Research Center.

  • Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong in the Lunar Module.

    This Month in Exploration - August

    08.02.10 - Eighty years ago the first man to walk on the moon was born. See who it was and read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • Dr. John M. Klineberg

    Klineberg Inspired Many Alliances

    07.09.10 - Dr. John M. Klineberg, deputy director (1979–1985) and then acting director (1986), helped strategize and implement institutional improvements to maintain our excellence in aeronautics.

  • NASA's Bumper#8 Rocket.

    This Month in Exploration - July

    07.01.10 - Sixty years ago this rocket was the first launched from the Long Range Proving Ground at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • View of the NASA Glenn Research Center Campus

    New Assignments, New Responsibilities for Glenn

    06.15.10 - New agency-wide program management offices and increased funding for current programs are coming to NASA's Glenn Research Center, pending congressional approval of the new NASA budget.

  • A Wright Apache airplane.

    This Month in Exploration - June

    06.16.10 - Eighty years ago this Wright Apache aircraft flew higher than any other plane. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • Researchers investigating a new biomedical sensor

    Tiny Technology With a Big Heart

    05.25.10 - A new biomedical sensor which incorporates technology pioneered at NASA's Glenn Research Center is currently in development for use in measuring blood pressure and heart rate.