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  • NASA Glenn helps with the space shuttle door seals.

    Gearing up for a Smooth Landing

    08.17.05 - NASA Glenn's "list man," Pat Dunlap, crossed off a task as Discovery landed safely.

  • Angel Otero at a press conference for NASA's Return to Flight effort.

    An Angel Watches Over

    07.29.05 - As a boy, Angel Otero dreamed of working for NASA. Now, he's helping NASA make Space Shuttles safer.

  • Engineer teaches children about Wright Brothers' plane

    Glenn Gives Kids an Inside Look at NASA

    07.25.05 - More than 450 children toured Glenn Research Center on "Take Our Children to Work Day" this June.

  • Student in spacesuit

    NASA Inspires Students at Native American Reservation

    07.20.05 - NASA brought a high-tech, hands-on educational experience to students on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

  • Matt Melis, Charles Camarda

    Shooting for Safety

    07.05.05 - Engineers test Shuttle parts for their ability to withstand hits from debris, such as foam and ice, in the Ballistics Impact Laboratory.

  • mars rover

    NASA Gets Wired at NextFest

    06.20.05 - NASA presented its vision of the future at Wired Magazine's NextFest in Chicago on June 24 - 26.

  • heart monitor

    Keeping the Beat

    06.07.05 - NASA and MetroHealth test a heart monitor that could save thousands of lives on Earth and protect astronauts in space.

  • Warp drive vehicle

    Blockbuster Technology

    05.24.05 - Hollywood blockbusters often take us to new worlds in extraordinary spacecraft. But just how realistic are these science-fiction marvels?

  • Michael Griffin. Photo Credit: NASA/Renee Bouchard

    Griffin Visits Glenn

    05.17.05 - NASA's new Administrator, Michael Griffin, met with employees and toured the Glenn Research Center.

  • Solar Sail

    Sailing on Sunbeams

    05.13.05 - NASA tests solar sails, the propulsion system of the future, at Plum Brook Station.