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  • Portrait of Gregory Schmitz

    Bringing Power to Columbus

    12.06.07 - NASA Glenn engineer Gregory Schmitz plays a vital role when the Columbus research lab is connected to the space station.

  • Astronaut on station

    Glenn Experiments Performed on Expedition 16

    11.05.07 - Astronauts will perform up to four NASA Glenn experiments on the International Space Station during Expedition 16.

  • Ares V rocket

    New Work Assignments for Moon Mission

    11.01.07 - NASA announced Glenn Research Center's new work assignments under the Constellation Program. The new work relates to the lunar phase of the program, including Ares V, lunar lander and lunar surface operations.

  • Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. portrait

    Dr. Whitlow on the Record  →

    08.30.07 - Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. explains Cleveland's role in returning humans to the moon in The Plain Dealer's "On the Record" interview. Watch it on

  • eye screening

    Medical Research and Technology

    08.29.07 - As NASA prepares to send humans on longer journeys to the moon and eventually Mars, NASA Glenn is looking for new and better ways to protect astronaut health.

  • A Learjet flies over NOAA's boat as it collects algae samples from the water.

    Airplane Monitors Great Lakes Algae

    08.28.07 - NASA and NOAA fly over the Great Lakes searching for harmful algae blooms.

  • tire spikes

    Halting High-Speed Pursuits

    08.21.07 - NASA improves tire deflation techniques, bringing high-speed pursuit to a screeching halt.

  • Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr.

    Dr. Whitlow Named Scientist of the Year

    07.25.07 - Science Spectrum magazine honors Glenn Center Director Dr. Woodrow Whitlow Jr. and retired Deputy Director Richard Christiansen.

  • ISS Astronaut Sunita Williams performing experiment

    How to Manage Floating Fluids in Space

    07.03.07 - Scientists study fluid physics on the space station to improve fuel tanks and other systems for future spacecraft.

  • Image of the Space Power Facility.

    World's Largest Vacuum Chamber to Test Orion

    06.19.07 - Before Orion carries the next generation of explorers into space, it must withstand rigorous tests in the world's largest vacuum chamber.