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  • Engineers inspect and test a boilerplate Mercury space capsule.

    This Month in Exploration - May

    05.12.10 - Fifty years ago NASA launched the first production model of the Project Mercury spacecraft. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • counter rotating test rig

    Building a Better Plane

    05.03.10 - NASA is working with the General Electric Co. to test new open rotor technology in a wind tunnel with a test rig designed and made at NASA's Glenn Research Center.

  • Testing of the Aerojet Liquid Oxygen Liquid Methane Ascent Main Engine Technology Workhorse Engine

    Testing Technology is an Art

    04.19.10 - An engine nozzle turns a dramatic array of colors during a recent hot-fire test.

  • A weather balloon travels high above Earth's surface.

    Students Send Balloons to the Stratosphere

    04.13.10 - NASA Glenn provides high school students the opportunity to launch scientific experiments into the stratosphere aboard a weather balloon.

  • The NACA Official Seal.

    This Month in Exploration - April

    04.06.10 - Ninety-five years ago the Secretary of War called the first meeting of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • Former Center Director Andrew Stofan in 1998.

    Stofan's Management Skills Raise Glenn's Profile

    04.01.10 - Andrew Stofan, Center Director for NASA's Lewis Research Center (now NASA Glenn) from 1982-1986, helped the center gain greater visibility and respect within NASA.

  • John F. McCarthy

    John McCarthy Promoted Outreach, Embraced Diversity

    03.12.10 - Former center director John F. McCarthy appreciated the talent working for NASA's Lewis Research Center (now Glenn) and considered the center an example of the nation's best and brightest.

  • A solar panel on the Rosetta spacecraft.

    This Month in Exploration - March

    03.04.10 - Only five years ago the Rosetta spacecraft was launched to catch a comet. Find out what year that will happen and read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, Jr.

    African Americans Throughout Glenn's History

    02.19.10 - NASA Glenn has a proud tradition of African American workers that continues today.

  • An image of an active region of the sun captured by the Solar Maximum Mission satellite.

    This Month in Exploration - February

    02.05.10 - Thirty years ago the first mission to study the sun in detail was launched. Read more historical facts in This Month in Exploration.