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Where in the World is Box?
NASA Glenn Research Center is committed to outreach programs that contribute to scientific literacy, strengthen awareness, and educate the public about research and technology. We strive to inspire young students to excel in science and math and to help them "dream big" to become pilots, astronauts or world-renowned scientists and engineers.

Glenn brings the NASA story to our six-state region during events, traveling exhibits programs and the Speakers Bureau, as well as the Visitor's Center at the Great Lakes Science Center.

"Where in the World is Box" shows a variety of regional locations that NASA Astronaut Greg "Box" Johnson has visited.

Scroll over the pushpins to see details of his past appearances. You can get more information on events open to the public by clicking on the website links provided below.

May 11 & 12, Space Fest 2012 at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, near Dayton, Ohio

June 8, NASA In Your Neighborhood at the Woodland Cleveland Public Library
For information call 216-623-7109

July 6-8, Dayton Air Show and Parade, Dayton, Ohio

July 20 & 21, Run to the Moon 5K/10K, in Wapokoneta, Ohio

August 3, Mars Curiosity Rover Social and Public Events at Wade Park Oval, Cleveland, Ohio

August 11, Community Empowerment Family Fun Day, Cleveland, Ohio

August 11, Space Saturday at NASA Glenn Visitor Center at Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio

August 31, Tom Joyner Family Reunion, Kissimmee, Florida

September 4, International Space Station Downlink with Expedition 32 Crew, Cleveland, Ohio

September 7, Cleveland Clinic Talent Acquisition Management Team, Cleveland, Ohio

September 19, Waterworks Association Conference Breakfast, Dayton, Ohio

September 19, Dayton Engineering Club, Dayton, Ohio

September 21, Duluth Air Show, Duluth, Minnesota

September 24, Kiwanis Club of North Olmsted, North Olmsted, Ohio

September 26, Princeton Job Expo, Princeton, New Jersey

October 11, Boy Scouts Monthly Leaders Meeting, Berea, Ohio

November 3, Young Astronauts, NASA Glenn Research Center

November 11, Michigan YES Expo