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Solar System Walk

Image of the solar systemLooking for a unique activity your whole family will love? Visit the Solar System Walk at the Cleveland Metroparks, and enjoy the outdoors while exercising your mind and body at the same time.

Developed by NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Metroparks and Cleveland Public Schools, the Solar System Walk gives visitors an appreciation for the enormous size of our Universe.

The journey through our solar system begins with a visit to our closest star, the Sun, and continues on to each planet -- from Mercury all the way to Neptune -- plus Pluto. Along the way, it reveals some of the secrets of space.

Signs representing the planets are placed along the trail at their average distances from the Sun on a scale of 1 foot to 1 million miles. Approximately three-quarters of a mile long, the walk is located at South Mastick Picnic Area off Valley Parkway in Rocky River Reservation.

For more information, visit the Cleveland Metroparks Web site.

A variable-scale traveling version of the Solar System Walk is also available for events staffed by NASA employees. For instructions on requesting this exhibit, visit the Traveling Exhibits page listed below.

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