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Journey to Tomorrow: Kiosks and Workstations
June 19, 2014

These are some examples of the kiosks and workstations that may be available on the Journey to Tomorrow traveling exhibit. 


NASA Hits : Spinoffs How has NASA technology improved our quality of life? Learn how by clicking on images of various products and services that we use in everyday life. Each was derived from the space program.

Astronaut Flight Lounge: Find out what makes NASA's space explorers tick. In the Astronaut Flight Lounge, you'll meet several astronauts and hear them answer questions about life as an astronaut.

Sci-Fi vs. Science Fact
How much do you know about space travel and the search for extraterrestrial life? Take the quiz and find out! 

Lunar Lander
Do you have the right stuff to land a crew safely on the lunar surface? Preview America's return to the moon by taking the controls of the new lunar landing craft!



Astronaut Challenge I

NASA uses gloveboxes to safely conduct experiments in space, but working with gloves makes some jobs more difficult. Try to take the nuts off the bolts and then put them back on using a glovebox. Looking for a bigger challenge? Race a friend.

Astronaut Challenge II

In this second glovebox activity, you'll work with building blocks. The challenge? Configure the blocks to match the pattern provided in a picture.

Planetary Gravity Simulator

How does gravity change from planet to planet? Imagine that each of a series of cans has the same mass. Then, lift each can to feel how much it would weigh on each of the other planets.

Solar System Scale

How much would you weigh on another planet? Step on our solar system scale and find out!

Moon Rock

See a real moon rock returned from the Apollo 17 mission.

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A girl stands on the solar system scale to find out how much she would weigh on Jupiter.
A girl stands on the solar system scale to find out how much she would weigh on Jupiter.
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