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    Facility Tours
    NASA Glenn Open House
    May 17 and 18, 2008
    11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Enjoy a free walking tour of our research campus, beginning at the landmark airplane hangar. You can walk through most major facilities at your own pace. Each facility tour will be hosted by the men and women who work there.

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  • Photo shows people outside the NASA Hangar.

    Tour the Airplane Hangar

    Have you ever wondered what's inside that big building with the NASA logo on it? See for yourself when you tour the NASA Glenn Hangar, home to many unique and innovative aircraft.

  • Photo of acoustical research dome.

    Enter the 'Dome of Silence'

    Join us for a tour of the Aero-Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory, and see where some of the world's most advanced aircraft noise reduction ideas are developed and tested.

  • Photo shows tour of supersonic wind tunnel.

    See a Supersonic Wind Tunnel

    The Abe Silverstein Supersonic Wind Tunnel can generate winds faster than three times the speed of sound. Step inside this amazing facility that tested hardware for Apollo and the space shuttle.

  • Walk Through a Wind Tunnel

    The Low Speed Wind Tunnel is the only national facility that can simulate airplane takeoff, approach and landing in a continuous subsonic environment. Its treated walls help researchers study jet engine noise.

  • Icing Research Tunnel

    Chill Out in the Icing Research Tunnel

    This facility tests ice protection systems for military and commercial aircraft. Join us for a tour and find out why it's an international historic landmark.

  • Photo of tour of Glenn's Zero Gravity Research Facility

    Explore NASA's Drop Zone

    The Zero Gravity Research Facility houses the largest drop tower of its kind in the United States. Drop in for a visit.

  • Preview NASA's New Rocket

    Workers in the fabrication shop are building a simulated upper stage rocket for the first test launch of NASA's mission to the moon. See how NASA is launching astronauts back to moon.