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Glenn's Student Ambassadors
Interns meet employers at GRC JobfairNASA's Glenn Research Center offers many professional development opportunities for its student interns, such as job fairs. At this Glenn job fair, held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute, interns Nikki Boston, Shanita Wilburn and James Weaver meet Dr. Mark Grafton of General Electric. Image Credit: NASA. NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland welcomes dozens of high school, college and graduate students as interns every year. Through programs including the Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP), Lewis' Educational and Research Collaborative Internship Program (LERCIP) and Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology (MUST), students work at Glenn. They gain real-world work experience through the incomparable opportunity to work directly with world-class engineers, researchers and scientists.

Each year, NASA selects a group of interns and fellows from centers across the country and Headquarters to serve as student ambassadors. Interns who are selected for the NASA Student Ambassador Program engage their fellow undergraduate and graduate students in NASA science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), along with research and immersion opportunities. These students collaborate with and inspire their peers, make professional connections and represent NASA to the public.

In the 2010 class of ambassadors, 33 states and 81 universities are represented. Of the 105 student ambassadors this year, 10 were interns at Glenn.

The 10 student ambassadors that were nominated by Glenn have a variety of research interests, career paths and personal goals. Click on each name below to meet the student and learn about their experiences as a NASA ambassador.

Intern Jarred Wilhite participated in the LERCIP programHigh school, college and graduate students gain real-world work experience through interning at Glenn. Jarred Wilhite participated in the Lewis' Educational Research and Collaborative Internship Program (LERCIP). Image Credit: NASA. Denisse Veronica Aranda
Florida International University

Jonathan Barr
University of Michigan

Matthew Deans
Case Western Reserve University

Anup Engineer
North Carolina State University

Jamie Frasure
Baylor University

Bryan James
University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign

Vern Jones
Cleveland State University

Harkirat Sohi
University of Washington

Michael Stauber
The Ohio State University

Shanita Wilburn
Tuskegee University

-Tori Woods, SGT Inc.
NASA's Glenn Research Center