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Digital Learning Network at NASA Glenn K-16

NASA engineer and students communicate via videoconference system.NASA's Digital Learning Network is about connecting with the next generation of Explorers. The Digital Learning Network assists in the fulfillment of NASA's demanding mission, ''to inspire students toward STEM Careers,'' by sharing the knowledge and expertise of NASA scientists, engineers, and researchers with students in today’s classrooms.

Image right: NASA Scientist interacts with students during educational videoconference. Credit: NASA

Educators (United States Schools)

Teachers, by using the Digital Learning Network, learners at all levels have the opportunity to interact directly with NASA experts, often from their workplace, to gain a new appreciation for the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.

The goal of the Digital Learning Network is to enhance NASA's capability to deliver unique content by linking students and educators with NASA experts. The Digital Learning Network offers videoconferencing, webconferencing, or webcasting at no charge, providing interactive educational experiences to students and educators from kindergarten to university levels across the Nation and some occassions around the world.

Join us as we explore our world and beyond!

Educators, register your school and create a user id by visiting the Agency Digital Learning Network site.

GRC Subject Matter Experts (NASA GRC and Retired NASA GRC Employees Only Please)

INTERESTED in be a Volunteer/SME for the GRC Digital Learning Network? Glenn engineers and/or scientists interested in sharing your career path, special project your working on, and/or the importance of STEM in the classroom via educational videoconferences or webconference to wonderful K-16 students, please read on!!! It only takes an hour of your time. You can do one a year or even one a month as your schedule permits. It is a great way to provide educational outreach for you division. We can setup special events, specific topics, and career panels. If you interested in more information please contact David Mazza, DLN Education/Technology Specialist of the NASA Digital Learning Network at NASA Glenn, via e-mail or by phone at (216) 433-8265 to setup a tour of the facility and see what we do!

NASA Glenn Educational Programs Office Contact:
Dave Mazza - Digital Learning Network
Voice: (216) 433-8265
E-mail: David.A.Mazza@nasa.gov