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Exploring Technology Partnerships
November 18, 2011

Brianne Scheidegger a research electrical engineer at GlennBrianne Scheidegger, a research electrical engineer at Glenn, works in the Battery Research Laboratories with a Coin Cell Crimper. Image credit: NASA Technology developed at NASA helps make airplanes fly and rockets soar. But that's not all that cutting-edge NASA technology does. Technologies created for aeronautics and space can be used in many commercial applications, and NASA experts are able to work with industries in business partnerships and collaborations. It's part of the NASA mission of improving life on Earth.

Showcasing NASA Technology

NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland is hosting a Technology Showcase to introduce businesses to some of the technologies and expertise Glenn has to offer. Targeted toward businesses that are interested in learning more about potential partnerships and business opportunities, the showcase will feature innovative and game-changing technologies. Thirty-eight technologies in the areas of Materials and Structures; Biomedical Technology; Sensors and Electronics; Advanced/Alternative Energy; and Advanced Propulsion will be exhibited.

"The Technology Showcase is a unique opportunity to interact with researchers working on NASA's hottest technologies that can help businesses gain a competitive edge," says Lori Manthey, the chief of Strategic Integration and Project Control in the Office of Technology Partnerships and Planning at Glenn.

The Technology Showcase will take place on Friday Dec. 2, 2011 at the Marriott Cleveland Airport Hotel.

Partnerships and Collaborations

The Technology Showcase will include presentations of new technologies as well as sessions with featured speakers, including Mark Kvamme, the president of JobsOhio (who is tasked by the governor of Ohio to accelerate Ohio's economic growth and recovery); Baiju Shah, president and CEO of BioEnterprise in Cleveland; and Ramon "Ray" Lugo, center director at Glenn. Partners in this event include the following Cleveland-based organizations: NorTech, TeamNEO, the Ohio Aerospace Institute and the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

"The showcase hopes to interest the local community in Glenn technology, leading to partnerships between NASA and organizations in Northeast Ohio and throughout Ohio to create new business opportunities using NASA technology," Manthey says.

Innovative Technologies

Kimala Laster, (Sierra Lobo, Inc.) engineering technician and Marisol TorresKimala Laster (Sierra Lobo, Inc.), an engineering technician at Glenn, shows new technology to Marisol Torres, a student who interned at Glenn through the Lewis Educational and Research Collaborative Internship Program. Image credit: NASA The diverse technologies that will be presented have potential applications in myriad fields. The following technologies comprise the showcase:

Materials and Structures
- Aerogel Technologies
- Ceramic Integration, Joining and Repair
- Shape Memory Alloys
- Carbon and Boron Nitride Nanotubes
- Polyimide Composites
- Silicon Carbide Composites
- Composite Design and Analysis Tools
- A High-Conductivity Copper Alloy for Welding Electrodes
- Lattice Block Material

- Portable Unity for Metabolic Analysis (PUMA)
- Implantable Antenna
- Integrated Medical Modeling
- Vessel Generation Analysis (VESGEN)
- Atomic Oxygen Texturing and Cleaning

Sensors and Electronics
- Mobile Sensing Platforms
- Harsh Environment Sensors
- High-Temperature Electronics
- Wireless High-Temperature Electronics
- Miniature Particulate Sensors
- Hyperspectral Imaging
- Ferroelectric Reflectarray Antenna

Molecular Electronics DevicesNew technology, such as these Molecular Electronics Devices, are designed, developed and tested at Glenn. Image credit: NASA Advanced / Alternative Energy
- Flywheel Energy Storage
- Long-Life Gear Systems
- Conducting Polymer Membranes
- Energy Harvesting Using Piezoelectric Materials
- Lithium Ion Batteries
- Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells
- Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
- Advancements in Photovoltaics through Nanotechnology
- Smart Grid Testbed
- Stirling-Based Energy Conversion

Advanced Propulsion
- Oil-Free Turbomachinery
- Multi-Disciplinary Analysis and Optimization
- High-Temperature Seals
- Icing on Wind Turbines
- Turbomachinery Modeling and Analysis Tools
- Thermal Barrier Coatings for Turbine Engine Applications
- Nickel-based Superalloys for Turbines

Partnering with NASA

In addition to featuring new, advanced technologies, the Technology Showcase will explain how businesses can work with NASA. Businesses can partner with NASA through Space Act Agreements and can use NASA facilities. There are also resources that NASA can provide for small businesses, including seeking funding.

The following business sessions will be featured:
- Mechanisms for Working with NASA
- Accessing NASA Facilities
- Small Business Resources
- External Funding Opportunities

Vision for the Future

Robert Okojie, an Aerospace Technician in the sensors and Transducers area at GlennRobert Okojie, an Aerospace Technician in the sensors and Transducers area at Glenn, works with Fully Packaged Silicon Carbide Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer. These are used for pressure management in jet engines. Image Credit: NASA Collaborating with businesses is an integral part of NASA and Glenn's vision for the future. This showcase offers the opportunity to create new partnerships, explore business opportunities, and to use NASA technology to improve life on Earth.

"We have been working hard to create an exciting, informative, and productive Technology Showcase to present NASA Glenn technologies to local companies," Manthey says.

For more information or to register to attend the showcase, please visit: http://technology.grc.nasa.gov/showcase/

For more information about partnering with Glenn, please visit: http://technology.grc.nasa.gov/index.shtm

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