Glenn Aeronautics Research and Development
Glenn develops advanced technologies such as ultra-low-emission combustors, chevron nozzles, and aspirated fans to improve the performance of and reduce the emissions and noise from aircraft engines.

During the Middle East oil crisis, we developed a new generation of high-speed propellers for commercial aircraft that demonstrated the potential to reduce passenger aircraft fuel consumption by 25 percent. Glenn then led the Energy Efficient Engine Project that developed and demonstrated technologies to significantly reduce the emissions from and improve the fuel economy of jet aircraft engines. The project demonstrated a 15 percent reduction in fuel consumption relative to the best commercial aircraft engines in service at the time. These accomplishments enabled the development of the GE90 jet engine, the world's most powerful aircraft engine, which powers Boeing's newest intercontinental aircraft, the Boeing 777.

S-3B Viking Aircraft NASA Glenn's S-3B Viking research aircraft in flight. Credit: NASA

Our current aeronautics research and development includes:
  • Advanced Turbine Engine Propulsion and Power Systems - compressors, combustors, and high- and low-pressure turbine technology.
  • Turbine Engine Noise Reduction - fan and exhaust system technology.
  • Propulsion Control and Engine Health Management - active control, advanced diagnostics and distributed control.
  • Instrumentation Systems - optical flow and temperature measurement in high-temperature environments, and nondestructive evaluation.
  • Avionics - avionics, hybrid power, and communications systems; electrical power distribution and control; and electromagnetic interference.
  • Aircraft Icing Research - research, education, and partnering for safer flight.
  • Modeling and Simulation - engines and ceramic components; flow and heat transfer; aerodynamic problems, aging, and failure; and ice accretion and effects.
  • Alternative Fuel Systems - hydrogen-powered aircraft and propulsion and power systems.
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