A Mission to Space
Image of Woike and Furnas. How does NASA and the Aerospace Industry ensure a successful mission? Every element of the vehicle, including its instrumentation and apparatus, must be proven space-worthy by testing on Earth while simulating the conditions of space. Plum Brook Station has unique, world-class facilities which do just that.

Image right: NASA Plum Brook Station employee Mark Woike briefs the Director of Engineering and Technical Services, Randall Furnas, on the Department of Energy Combustor Technology testing in the Hypersonic Tunnel Facility. Credit: NASA

Our Mission

Plum Brook Station is the home of Glenn Research Center's four world-class test facilities which are available for use by research customers interested in planning and scheduling test programs and test-related activities. Our mission is to assure safe, cost-effective, responsive and reliable performance of research testing at Plum Brook Station to accomplish the R&D mission of the Glenn Research Center, other government agencies, and the private sector.

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