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Glenn's 50th Anniversary Time Capsule
Remembering the Past...
Challenging the Future

Glenn Time CapsuleNASA Glenn time capsule. Credit: NASA
In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the NASA Glenn Research Center, a time capsule was dedicated on January 23, 1991. The nine-foot metal sculpture stands in front of Glenn's Administration Building, surrounded by the U.S., NASA, and Ohio flags in a landscaped setting on three circular concrete walkways. The time capsule itself is contained within a stainless steel sphere on a cast aluminum pedestal. A metal band sweeping out from the sphere symbolizes human outreach into space.

The Center's employees and retirees had the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the history of the Center by submitting ideas for the contents of the capsule. Items chosen by the 50th Anniversary Committee for inclusion in the time capsule are representative of the history, the current technology, and the achievements of the Center.

At the close of the anniversary year, on October 25, 1991, the items were vacuum sealed in the time capsule as part of a ceremony sponsored by the Office of Educational Programs honoring today's school children, the work force of tomorrow. Students from a five-county area around Cleveland helped celebrate the future with presentations, music, songs, and a tree planting. The time capsule will remain sealed until NASA Glenn's 100th Anniversary in the year 2041.

The time capsule and metal sculpture are lasting symbols of the great achievements of the Glenn Research Center over the first fifty years and the promise of many more successes in the years to come, as NASA Glenn lays the technological foundation needed for humans to live and work in space.