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Meet a NASA Glenn Employee: Sherice Sampson
June 21, 2011

Thousands of talented, dedicated and passionate people work at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. They are rocket scientists and engineers. They are researchers and physicists and chemists. They are aviation specialists, public affairs officers, administrative assistants, security officers, logistics managers and more. With countless specializations in myriad fields, the people of Glenn share one goal: working for the public in support of NASA's mission.

The diverse Glenn workforce is comprised of civil servants and on-site support contractors. Workers perform a large variety of different jobs at NASA Glenn. "My Job at NASA Glenn" is a series that introduces some of these workers. Learn about different employees and the interesting jobs they perform, and how their education prepared them to make unique and important contributions to NASA.

Sherice Sampson

Job Title:

Bonded Storage Technician
Sherice Sampson profileSherice Sampson
Image Credit: NASA

What that means:
I currently support projects that are responsible for the development of flight hardware for the International Space Station. I am in charge of controlling the flight hardware by tracking, tracing, shipping, documenting, receiving, storing, transferring, dispositioning, moving, securing, kitting, ordering, and physically transporting it (via tow motor, cranes, etc.)

What I do:
I interact with a variety of personnel, such as engineers, technicians, program managers, transportation, shipping and receiving, equipment service, various outside contractors and outside support personnel.

I prepare document transfers to other NASA centers and to offsite contractors. I arrange to have hardware picked up/moved to different areas. I assemble Bill of Materials for technicians to assemble into flight hardware. I manage multiple electronic databases and use a variety of informed filler applications. I order general storage stock items to ensure they are available for the facility. I arrange for calibration and proof testing of lifting hardware and monitor facility calibration requirements. I research vendor prices and order items. I also physically transport hardware with a tow motor or crane.

The coolest / most interesting part of my job is:
I enjoy the interaction and rapport that I have with the people I work with.

My favorite project that I have worked, or that I am working on, is:
I have worked on so many great projects, such as Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (ACTS); Combustion Module 1 and 2 (CM-1/2); Facility Combustion Facility (FCF); Modular Droplet Combustion Apparatus (MDCA); Flow Enclosure Accommodating Novel Investigations in Combustion of Solids (FEANICS); Thrust Vector Controller (TVC); Light Microscopy Module (LMM); InSpace; Project Control Office (PCO); and many more.

I am currently working on Communications, Navigation, and Networking reconfigurable Testbed (CONNECT), which is a very interesting and fast-paced project.

I would have to say my favorite project was Ares I-X. I performed a lot of the craning and was a part of stacking the segments before they were shipped to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., and stacked in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB.)

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is:
I received the Silver Snoopy Award from Sunita Williams, an astronaut. This award is only given to 1% of NASA personnel. It is awarded for professionalism, dedication and outstanding support.

A Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education helped me by:
My education has provided me with the ability to perform tasks I never imagined I could ever do. It also has given me a challenging and rewarding career.

Good advice for students, including STEM students, is:
Find a subject you enjoy. You will have to do it for a long time.

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