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Meet a NASA Glenn Employee: Suzanne Aldrich
May 19, 2011

Thousands of talented, dedicated and passionate people work at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. They are rocket scientists and engineers. They are researchers and physicists and chemists. They are aviation specialists, public affairs officers, administrative assistants, security officers, logistics managers and more. With countless specializations in myriad fields, the people of Glenn share one goal: working for the public in support of NASA's mission.

The diverse Glenn workforce is comprised of civil servants and on-site support contractors. Workers perform a large variety of different jobs at NASA Glenn. "My Job at NASA Glenn" is a series that introduces some of these workers. Learn about different employees and the interesting jobs they perform, and how their education prepared them to make unique and important contributions to NASA.

Suzanne Aldrich

Job Title:

Project Management Specialist
Suzanne Aldrich profileSuzanne Aldrich
Image Credit: NASA

What that means:
I serve as a project manager-leading teams in the design and construction of institutional facility projects ranging in budget from $10,000 to $500,000. These projects consist of a variety of architectural and civil systems for which I'm responsible for safety, cost, schedules, quality, coordination and customer satisfaction.

What I do:
I am responsible for managing minor construction projects throughout their entire project life cycle. This effort involves documenting customer requirements, writing project plans to identify project scope, working with a team of engineers to develop design drawings, initiating the construction bidding process, attending site visits, tracking construction schedules and maintaining project budgets. I am also responsible for "outfitting" building interiors once they have been constructed or renovated.

The coolest / most interesting part of my job is:
I get to coordinate efforts of diverse, multi-discipline project teams comprised of NASA Glenn Research Center employees, engineering firms and construction support service contractors.

My favorite project that I have worked, or that I am working on, is:
The renovation of the NASA Glenn Icing Research Tunnel building's lobby. The lobby's outdated 1980s appearance needed a serious update! The lobby now features current models tested in the tunnel, historical photographs, video footage and a map of the entire facility.

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is:
I'm a hard-working and determined woman who was born with a mobility disability. I have never let my disability stand in the way of anything that I want to do!

A Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education helped me by:
I have the knowledge to help me interpret engineering drawings and understand technical requirements for the projects that I work on.

Good advice for students, including STEM students, is:
Do not be afraid to get into a non-traditional career.

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