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Meet a NASA Glenn Employee: Kaprice Harris
October 18, 2011

Thousands of talented, dedicated and passionate people work at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. They are rocket scientists and engineers. They are researchers and physicists and chemists. They are aviation specialists, public affairs officers, administrative assistants, security officers, logistics managers and more. With countless specializations in myriad fields, the people of Glenn share one goal: working for the public in support of NASA's mission.

The diverse Glenn workforce is comprised of civil servants and on-site support contractors. Workers perform a large variety of different jobs at NASA Glenn. "My Job at NASA Glenn" is a series that introduces some of these workers. Learn about different employees and the interesting jobs they perform, and how their education prepared them to make unique and important contributions to NASA.

Kaprice Harris

Job Title:

Deputy Division Chief, External Programs
Portrait - Kaprice HarrisKaprice Harris
Image Credit: NASA

What that means:
My organization is in charge of sharing NASA's Glenn Research Center's capabilities and resources with students, educators and the general public, ultimately contributing to a strong local economy.

What I do:
I lead a team of specialists in communications and education to foster public engagement, media relations and STEM literacy.

The coolest / most interesting part of my job is:
Going out into the community and seeing the fire blaze inside the eyes of students of all ages when engaged in NASA mission related activities.

My favorite project that I have worked, or that I am working on, is:
A strategic communications plan for External Programs. This plan will unify the Glenn stories that are told by all levels of employees throughout the local, regional and national communities.

One of my greatest work accomplishments was:
My selection as mentor of the year. Helping others move forward and have a better life is the most rewarding feeling you can receive.

An education helped me by:
I majored in business and attended law school. In addition, I have worked with scientists and engineers for my entire career. My education has helped me to apply analysis and critical thinking to all types of disciplines.

Good advice for students, including STEM students, is:
Prepare and position yourself so that you can take every possible opportunity that presents itself to you. A STEM education gives you options. You can choose technical or non-technical careers alike. Don't be afraid of doing what is hard. NASA is such a unique organization because everything we do is hard.

Focus on what you have an interest in. You may not like everything but you can do anything with focus and dedication. Get a support system - a network of people that can help you succeed. If someone is tearing you down, distance yourself from that person and move forward with those who support you. Along the way, help someone else succeed.

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