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  • This 1963 image shows a mockup of Atlas/Centaur undergoing retrorocket testing.

    Revolutionary Atmosphere

    A new NASA book, "Revolutionary Atmosphere" chronicles the Altitude Wind Tunnel and Space Power Chambers at NASA's Glenn Research Center.

  • portrait of astronaut Greg Johnson

    Johnson Celebrates Ohio's Rich Astronaut Heritage

    Ohio Astronaut Greg "Box" Johnson brings his talent as a leader to Glenn Research Center.

  • Portrait of Astronaut Michael Foreman in flight suit

    Ohio Astronaut Lands at Glenn

    An Ohio astronaut, Michael Foreman, is serving as the Chief of External Programs at NASA's Glenn Research Center.

  • Benson holds a baseball in the air.

    Glenn Engineer Puts a NASA Spin on Baseball

    Tom Benson teaches students the physics of flight by comparing airplanes and rockets to baseball.

  • Erwin Zaretsky

    Temporary Position or Exceptional Career?

    When Erwin Zaretsky interviewed with NACA in Cleveland in 1957, he was looking for a temporary position. More than 50 years later, he's a NASA Glenn chief engineer.

  • Earl Hanes

    Standing the Test of Time

    Earl Hanes started to work at NASA through the apprentice program in 1953. Today he's doing research that will send us back to the moon.

  • Richard Cavicchi

    On NASA's Team Until the Final Inning

    When the National Aeronautics and Space Administration came into being in 1958, Richard Cavicchi already had 14 years of service with the federal government.

  • Bernhard Anderson

    Tools of the Trade

    Bernhard Anderson began his career using a slide rule. Today this engineer utilizes sophisticated computer software to help NASA discover new approaches to achieving technology breakthroughs.

  • Robert C. Hendricks

    50 Years of Research

    Robert C. Hendricks has worked for NASA since its inception 50 years ago. Read more about this remarkable researcher.

  • Gregory Schmitz

    Bringing Power to Columbus

    When Columbus is connected to the space station, it's a career highlight for Glenn engineer Gregory Schmitz.

  • Portrait of Joann Charleston

    A Heart for Students

    A NASA Glenn chemist-turned-educator combines her research skills with her passion for education.

  • Portrait of Lizalyn Smith

    A Rising Star

    Aerospace Engineer Lizalyn Smith was featured in the Crain's Cleveland Business "20 in Their 20s" issue.

  • Glenn workers volunteer

    NASA Glenn Workers Support Hurricane Recovery

    Employees at NASA's Glenn Research Center lent helping hands to hurricane victims, even those with paws and hooves.