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NASA - Instrumentation Pods
October 6, 2008


NASA Dryden is developing two pods for housing the Uninhabited Air Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar(UAVSAR) system. These pods are currently committed to support the UAVSAR Project through Fiscal Year 2008. The units will be capable of housing up to 850 pounds of payload and can be carried via a universal MAU (Military Armament Unit)12 on the NASA Gulfstream III and the Ikhana (Predator B).

The pods are equipped with two 19 inch VME card cages that provide approximately 2.3 cubic feet each, of payload space. More payload space can be made available depending on mission requirements. The electrical interface to the pod is configured for 2.8 kilowatts at 28 volts DC, Ethernet, RS-422, analog signals, and coaxial cable connections. The pod contains a fire detection system that is activated by heat.

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