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NASA - G-III/C-20A Research Testbed
October 6, 2008

G-III/C-20A Research Testbed in flight The G-III/C-20A Research Testbed provides NASA, industry and academia with a long-term capability for the efficient test of subsonic flight experiments and Airborne Earth Science endeavors.

The G-III/C-20A has been upgraded with basic research capabilities which can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. The aircraft will provide a subsonic platform with the following performance capabilities:

Max Operating Altitude 45000 ft
Max Mach 0.85M
Max Endurance Cruise 0.73-0.74M
Max Range Cruise 0.75-0.76M
Range with full passengers 3400 nm
Endurance (.82M @ 37k) 5 hours (nominal), up to 7 hours
Max Ramp Weight 70,200 lbs
Max Zero Fuel 46,000 lbs
Max Takeoff 69,700 lbs
Max Landing 58,500 lbs
Max Fuel Capacity 28,800 lbs

The aircraft has been structurally modified to carry Earth Science instruments in the UAVSAR pod mounted to the belly of the fuselage. Additionally, the navigation system is being enhanced to support precision navigation for repeat pass Interferometry missions.

Photos: http://www1.dfrc.nasa.gov/gallery/Photo/C-20A/index.html

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